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How to buy a puppy safely and responsibly

You’ve no doubt read news stories about puppy buyers who have been scammed. This is an all too common problem, which can leave puppy buyers heartbroken and out of pocket. Here’s what you need to know about buying a puppy and how to avoid being scammed. Where to buy a puppy  There are a couple Read More

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Top Tips for Travelling With Dogs

Taking your dog with you on your summer holiday is a great idea, but, travelling with dogs can be a task and especially in hot weather. The conditions and Read More

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Fun Indoor Games for Dogs

If you are self-isolating or social distancing because of Covid-19 you may have had to cut back on your dog’s daily walks. But there are plenty of entertaining indoor games to make sure that exercise is still on the agenda. Hide and Seek Even your dog can join in this game! While your dog is Read More

Why chocolate can be dangerous for dogs

Those of us lucky enough to have them, will be tucking into Easter eggs and other chocolate treats over the Easter weekend, but this is one treat you do not want to offer your dog. Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and if consumed in large amounts can be life threatening. The toxicity of chocolate Read More

Top dental care tips for cats and dogs

                              We all know the pain and discomfort felt when we have a sore tooth, imagine not being able to do anything about it or have it linger over the course of a few weeks or even months! Cats and dogs are as susceptible to dental infections as we are and with adult dogs having Read More

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