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Animed Direct are now offering a massive 10% OFF Effipro Spot On flea treatments 

Effipro Spot On Cat Flea Treatment (Pack of 4) on Animed Direct

Effipro Spot On Cat Flea Treatment (Pack Of 4)

Effipro Spot-on cat is a flea treatment that protects your cat from fleas for up to five w...

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As part of this fantastic offer, read below for some top tips from the Effipro flea expert team, helping you how to check correctly for fleas and ticks, whilst explaining how the treatment should work. 

What signs should we be looking for when checking for fleas and ticks?

“The most obvious sign that your cat or dog has fleas is persistent scratching, or sometimes over-grooming. Sometimes this can result in bald patches on their coat or patches of sore skin.”

“Fleas are dark brown and 1-2mm long. You might spot them in your carpet or notice tiny black specks of flea waste in your cat’s fur during combing. Ticks are large enough to be visible, especially if they’ve already had a bite – then they can look like small warts, and on closer inspection you can see their legs, too. You’ll usually find them around your pets head and neck area.”

How do you tackle a flea and tick infestation?

“If you think your pet has fleas, one of the best products to use is Effipro , which comes in a simple to use pipette for easy, no mess application. Remember, never use a dog flea product on your cat as the active ingredient, Permethrin, can be extremely toxic to your cat.”

“Don’t forget, you not only need to treat your pet, but also need to treat your house as well. We also provide a household Flea spray, Indorex, which is once again easy to apply and leaves no residue. Make sure you spray key areas like sofa’s and carpets, plus wash any cat bedding on a high temperature to avoid infestation.”

“If your cat is pregnant or feeding new kittens then please consult your local vet before proceeding with any treatment.”

How long does treatment last?

“Effipro Spot-on is a flea treatment that protects your pet from fleas for up to five weeks and from ticks for two weeks.  You will need to repeat treatment over a series of months, to ensure you have caught the flea infestation fully, as eggs hatch at different rates due to their location in the home or outside environments.  Remember, Effipro costs less than many of its competitors, making flea control simple and affordable for every home.”

For more information on the Effipro flea and tick treatment range click here.

Terms and conditions: The Effipro 10% OFF offer runs from April 1st to April 30th. Whilst stocks last. Animed Direct can amend or withdraw the offer at any time.