10 Reasons Why Pets Make Better Valentines Than People

10 Reasons Pets are Better Valentines than People | Animed Direct

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, here at Animed we’ve become convinced that pets might just be the best Valentine you can ask for… Forget boyfriend, girlfriends and spouses, it’s our furry friends who we should be celebrating! From their capacity to love us unconditionally to their unrivalled listening skills, here are 10 undeniable reasons why cats and dogs make better valentines than people. We’re sure you’ll agree!

1. There’s no pressure to get them an expensive gift

Cats are more than happy with a cardboard box, and your presence is a present when it comes to dogs.

2. Unrivalled snuggles

There’s no one better to curl up on the sofa with than a soft, warm, furry friend.

3. They never judge

You’re free to eat the entire box of chocolates you bought and your pet won’t say a word.

4. Unconditional love

No one is happier to see you than a dog who has been waiting for you to come back from a 5-minute errand.

5. There’s no pressure to impress

Pets don’t care about the way you look or the car you drive. As long as you provide food, love, and attention, you’re their perfect match.

6. No conflict

Pets will never start an argument with you, or bring unwanted drama into your life. The worst fight you’ll have with your dog is a playful game of tug-of-war, and the only time your cat might test you is when they knock things off the table!

7. Pets are great listeners

No matter how much we ramble on, cats and dogs never get bored of hearing about our day. And best of all, they never offer unsolicited advice.

8. They always let us choose the film

And they never complain if it’s the same cheesy rom-com for the 100th time either.

9. There’s no need to splash out on fancy dinners

Dogs are absolutely thrilled with whatever you put in front of them – they’ll never criticise your cooking skills!

10. No heartbreak

Our pets are the most loyal beings we’ll ever meet. They’ll never break our hearts!

How many people can honestly say that their partner has even half as many of these fantastic traits?! We’re convinced that pets are the best Valentines you can have, so be sure to spoil them with plenty of toys and treats this Valentine’s Day!

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