How to Save Money on Pets: Top Tips

How to Save Money on Pets | Animed Direct

As the cost of living continues to increase, everything from electricity to food is burning a hole in our pockets. And if you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably been wondering how you can save money on your pet costs, while still providing the same level of care. From reducing vet bills and food costs to clubbing together with other pet owners, there are plenty of areas where you can save money when it comes to cats and dogs. Here are 8 money saving pet care tips that won’t affect your furry friend’s well-being, but will help to reduce your costs.

How to Save Money on Vet Bills

Invest in Pet Insurance

While this may seem like the opposite of saving money, pet insurance can protect you from large unexpected pet bills in the future. Factoring in a smaller monthly payment is easier to manage than a huge bill out of the blue that can really impact household finances.

In 2022, pet insurance payouts reached a record high of one billion pounds. Meanwhile, there was a 51% rise in owners searching for charity support with their pet’s veterinary needs. It’s therefore a good idea to invest in insurance and take away the worry of a surprise veterinary bill.

If you have more than one cat or dog, taking out multi-pet insurance can save you money. Some insurance companies will give you a discount. For example, MiPet offers a multi-pet insurance discount of 5% for each pet.

If you already have pet insurance and you’re struggling to make ends meet, talk to your provider. You may be able to change to a different cover level, or change your excess payment to bring the cost down.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Making sure your pet has good dental hygiene is important. Neglected teeth can cause gum-related diseases later in life and lead to costly vet bills.

The best way to avoid expensive trips to the vets is brushing your cat or dog’s teeth regularly. This is the most effective way of removing plaque and keeping your pet’s mouth clean. Check out our range of pet toothbrushes which contain soft bristles, and have been specifically designed to fit your pet’s mouth.

If you find brushing is too stressful for your pet, oral rinses and gels are an easier alternative and can help slow down the build-up of plaque. Dental chews are also great for daily protection and freshening breath. Remember some dental chews are high in calories, so reduce your pet’s normal food intake accordingly to avoid weight gain.

Read our blog Top Dental Care Tips for Cats and Dogs for more information on brushing and dental hygiene.

Shop Around For Your Pet Prescriptions

If your vet has prescribed your cat or dog with medication, don’t just buy it from the vets or the first shop you look in. Prices can vary wildly, and you may be able to get your pet’s medication for a fraction of the cost online.

Here at Animed Direct, we pride ourselves on the affordability of our prescription medication, as we believe having happy, healthy pets shouldn’t cost the earth.

How to Save Money on Pet Food and Supplies

Buy Food in Bulk

It can often work out cheaper to buy your cat or dog food in bulk. Always check the use by dates to make sure your pet will be able to get through the food before it goes off. But as most tinned pet food and sealed bags will have long dates, you can usually stock up well. Many pet supply shops and online stores will offer bulk buying options.

Choose Toys Carefully

How many times have you bought your pet a new toy and they have played with it once? Or just looked at it and walked away? It’s important to keep your pet entertained and stimulated, but before you purchase a new toy, think about how your pet likes to play. Do they like to chase, chew, pounce or tug? Buy them a toy that matches their play behaviour and both of you won’t be disappointed.

Buy Second-hand or Loan From Others

As well as new toys, cats and dogs also need bedding, blankets, crates, leads and a whole heap of other things. Buying all these things new can get very expensive, especially if you opt for quality products that will last you. But second-hand pet accessories are a lot more affordable, and can be excellent quality. Take a look in your local charity shops, or look at online sites like Gumtree, Shpock and Facebook Marketplace.

For larger items that you may only need once in a while, such as crates, consider borrowing from a family member or friend. Chances are they will be happy to lend you their stuff, and you can return the favour later!

Other Ways to Save Money on Pets

Groom Your Dog at Home

The average cost of a dog grooming session in the UK is £43, but you could end up paying more than twice that. The amount you’ll pay depends on the size of your dog, the type of coat and where you live.

Grooming your dog yourself can save you money by extending the time needed between professional grooming sessions and reducing the workload for the groomer. Read our blog Grooming Tips for Cats & Dogs for advice on brushing, bathing and nail clipping.

Brushing your dog regularly at home is also important to ensure they stay clean and healthy. If your dog’s fur becomes matted it could lead to skin problems which is another trip to the vets.

Set up Your own Pet-sitting Group

Paying a sitter or service to watch your pet while you’re away can add up overtime. Dog sitting rates vary a lot in the UK, but they start from around £10 per hour per dog.

If you have friends, family members, or neighbours with pets, why not help each other out? Set up a group chat and share which days you each need covered. This way, everyone gets to save some money!

The same can be applied for dog walking. If you regularly use dog walking services while you’re out at work, consider clubbing together with friends, family or neighbours in a similar position. Is it possible for you each to come home a couple of lunchtimes a week to walk each other’s dogs for example? This way, you save money and your dogs get the chance to socialise!

If you don’t have friends close by that you could try this with, there are plenty of dog lovers out there who would jump at the chance to spend time with your dog. Sites like Borrow My Doggy connect dog owners with trusted local dog lovers who will walk and look after your dog for free. The annual membership fee is a fraction of the cost of doggy day care – and a dog lover gets to spend time with your dog! Win win!

Tip: Remember to introduce your pets to new people gradually and ensure everyone is comfortable before leaving them in charge.

Wrapping Up: Saving Money on Pet Costs

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this difficult cost of living crisis. But don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do to save money, and keep providing your beloved companion with excellent care. If you find that you are still struggling to pay for essentials, consider joining the Healthy Pet Club. This loyalty scheme can help you make big savings as well as spread the cost of essential vet treatments like vaccinations and flea treatment.