What are the 5 simple signs of spotting stiff joints in your dog?


Stiff joints for dogs

Getting moving is the highlight of your dogs day, whether its walkies, agility or working by your side. That’s why keeping them running and moving comfortably for as long as possible is one of our main priorities, but like there human counterparts older dogs are often prone to stiffness as their bodies age.

Joint stiffness is a common problem in more mature dogs and to some extent these symptoms can be relieved by encouraging exercise, keeping them at a healthy weight and keeping a dog warm and dry. However in lots of cases this just isn’t enough and our four legged friend needs some extra help, in the form of supplements.

5 signs to spot stiff joints in dogs

  1. Is your dog starting to lag behind on walks?
  2. Are they more reluctant to walk, jump and play?
  3. Is your dog sleeping more?
  4. Do they seem stiff or have trouble getting up after a rest?
  5. Are they looking uncomfortable?

These can be signs that your dog’s joints need  extra support and joint supplement can provide

Supplements for supple joints

Glucosamine is the most popular supplement chosen by dog owners to support joint stiffness. Supplements that contain glucosamine for dogs can help with wear and tear on the structure of the joint as well as the stiffness not only in older dogs but also in working and active dogs. Exercise takes its toll on a dogs body, but glucosamine can be used to not only support hard working joints while they work but also allows them to repair afterwards. Other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid helps to lubricate and cushion joints and Omega 3 which aids stiffness all also vital for all over joint health.

Supplements, work the same for dogs as it does for humans. An older person is more likely to take vitamins, minerals and other supplements to support their health so why wouldn’t  you do the same for you dog? and like humans, dogs with stiff joints need to be comfortable and helped to remain active.

What supplements contain Glucosamine?

YuMOVE is an advanced mobility supplement, packed with the finest quality  list of ingredients, including Green Lipped Mussels, manganese, hyaluronic acid, providing Omega 3 oils and of course that all important glucosamine.

A proved triple action joint supplement for dogs who are stiff or getting older. YuMOVE Dog’s premium, natural formula makes a tail-wagging difference in three ways

  • Soothing stiffness
  • Safeguarding long-term joint health
  • Promoting mobility

Now the UKs #1 veterinary joint supplement, YuMOVE Dog is clinically proved to work in 6 weeks.

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