Animed Direct donates food to local animal charities

Animed Direct donates food to local animal charitiesfood donation

We understand this year has been tough and due to the restrictions and lockdowns local charities have struggled to stay open and operate.

As animal lovers, we wanted to support more local animal charities by donating food. Working alongside Blue Cross Suffolk Rehoming Centre and a local volunteer, Georgina, we were able to donate food to two small animal charities, Kitty Kat Rescue and Hallswood Animal Sanctuary.

Kitty Kat Rescue

Kitty Kat Rescue LogoSince it opened, Kitty Kat Rescue has rescued and rehomed over 600 cats and kittens in the Suffolk and Essex area. They have 38 volunteers who foster, fundraise and do home checking to make sure  every neglected and abused cat thrives in their new home.

Like most charities they struggle heavily with funding to cover the basics, which include quality food and medicine. Things have never been more needed than this year with the pandemic, especially as all the big rescue organisations shut their doors during lock down.

‘With the huge increase in volume of cats and kittens coming into our care, the more quality food we need, to bring these starving and marginalised cats up to scratch (no pun intended!). When we heard that Animed Direct was offering us vast quantities of the best food money could buy, and all we had to do was collect it from their depot, we couldn’t believe our luck! This is a game changer for us, enabling us to rescue more cats, as the money we fundraise for can now be spent on everything else that we need to keep going. With the kind generosity of this amazing organisation, our charity has gone from strength to strength. All our fosterers have commented on how much quicker the cats in their care get back to optimum health eating such fantastic quality food, and how much their cats LOVE the food we now give them.’ Tara Scott, Kitty Kat Rescue Founder.

For more information about Kitty Kat Rescue, visit their Facebook page @KittyKatRescue123

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Hallswood Since 1996, Hallswood Animal Sanctuary has been a “last chance saloon” for every kind of animal. The charities mission is to rescue, support, and advocate for wildlife, and in special cases domestic animals, through rehabilitation, education, and community outreach. And, where an animal cannot be released or rehomed, but can live a happy and pain-free life, provide a forever home and sanctuary for that animal or bird.

The charity owner Lyz Hall has worked hard over the years to expand the charity, opening three charity shops, run by loyal volunteers. Under “normal” circumstances the shops help pay for the food and vet bills. Due to the pandemic, the three shops had to close and feeding nearly 1000 animals became a daily struggle.

‘The food that the Blue Cross gave me that came from Animed Direct, literally saved many hundreds of animal’s lives. Apart from the cat and dog food that Animed Direct donated, there was also a large amount of birdseed. Lyz has over 350 birds, from swans, ex racing pigeons, 160 cockerels, parrots, hens and geese, and many more besides! The bird food Animed Direct donated saved these animals too. It really cannot be stressed enough the difference Animed Direct donations made in these terrible times.’ Georgina, volunteer

For more information about Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, visit their website

We are delighted we have been able to help these wonderful charities keep animals safe and provide them with loving homes. We hope we can continue to make a difference.

If you’re looking for ways to help animals, it’s easier than you think to get started! We’ve compiled a handy list of things you can do, check them out here