The Animed Direct Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts

For most of us, our pets are a big part of the family and this often means they’ll be treated to a few Christmas gifts. Here are our top 10 gifts for 2019:

Inspiration for Dogs

Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer

Cheers! Include your dog in the festive celebrations and pour them a bowl of Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer. This is a unique and refreshing dog treat packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Brewed in Britain and veterinary approved as safe, its’s an ideal gift for your dog this Christmas.


Kong Wubba Medley

The Kong Wubba Medley is a festive tug and fetch toy with textures that satisfy a dog’s instincts to chew and shake. The long tails have the ideal length for thrashing fun and the rattling top and crinkling tails keep dogs playing for longer.


Hurtta Outdoors Summit Parka Raven

If you’re looking for a special gift for your dog, then the Hurtta Outdoors Summit Parka is perfect. It’s an essential outfit for every dog in cold and harsh weather. The highly technical winter jacket protects a dogs most important muscle groups and the sensitive abdomen area. It is particularly well suited for warming up the muscles of active and short-haired dogs.


Good Boy Hug Tug Turkey Giggler

Whilst everyone is enjoying their Christmas dinner, this Hug Tug Turkey Giggler is sure to keep your dog entertained. The fun, shaky and tough tugger toy provides interaction with a range of features including rope legs for tugging and a ‘giggler’ which is activated every time the toy is shaken.


Good Boy Advent Calendar for Dogs

Even Advent calendars don’t have to be out of bounds for your dog with this doggy friendly one. The treats are versatile too – if you have more than one dog, they can be broken down into mini treats.


Inspiration for Cats

Here’s some Christmas inspiration for the cat(s) in your life too!


Kong Holiday Kickeroo Reindeer

Want to encourage your cat to be more active? The Kong Holiday Kickeroo Reindeer is the perfect choice for keeping them entertained and away from the Christmas tree! It encourages your cat to kick with hind paws, plus it’s filled with Premium North American Catnip, so when they have had enough of kicking they can enjoy a little snuggle.


Good Girl Pawsley Cat Advent Calendar

Cats love the countdown to Christmas too, and with this Cat Advent Calendar your cat will be pawing at each window to get their favourite catnip treat!


Good Girl Christmas Cat Stocking

Christmas stockings aren’t just for humans – your cat can have one too! This one contains a few goodies including catnip drops, a toy mouse, some plastic rattle toys and play balls.


Christmas Robin Catnip Toy

This catnip toy is another one that should appeal to your cat’s predatory instincts and its Christmas theme makes it perfect for this time of year. Made from soft fabric with an irresistible tail and includes a hidden squeaker for extra fun.


Danish Design Cosy Artic Cat Bed

If your cat loves to curl up in peace, then the Danish Design Cosy Artic Cat Bed is the perfect retreat for your cat during the festive season. This ultimate luxury bed is made from soft faux suede with a sumptuous faux fur mattress.



What do you plan to buy for your cat or dog this Christmas? We’d love to hear your plans so let us know in the comments section!