Are Dog Beds Important?

Are dog beds important? | Animed Direct

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Animed Veterinary Nurse, Beth Walker

As cute as they are, our canine companions are descended from their wild ancestors. These animals didn’t have comfortable dog beds to snooze in. So many pet owners understandably wonder whether dogs need beds at all. Are dog beds important? Do dogs need beds to sleep? Or are they just as comfortable on the floor? We’ll discuss these questions in this blog post.

Are Dog Beds Actually Comfortable For Dogs?

If you have the right dog bed in the right place, then yes, dog beds can be very comfortable for your pet. It’s a common misconception that if a dog usually opts to lay on the floor instead of their bed, then they must find dog beds uncomfortable. It is more likely that there is something specific about a dog’s current bed that they are not enjoying, rather than disliking dog beds in general.

For example, the bed may be too small, causing them to feel cramped and uncomfortable.

The dog bed may be the wrong shape. Some dogs prefer to sleep stretched out, while others prefer to curl up. If your dog’s bed doesn’t match their preferred sleeping style, they might not want to use it. We stock a variety of shapes and sizes at Animed Direct to suit every pup.

If you find that your dog often seems to opt for the floor over their bed, it might be that they are seeking out cooler flooring. Their bed may be too warm due to nearby radiators or other heat sources. Or the opposite could be the case – perhaps the dog bed is positioned somewhere in the house where they can feel a draft, and they are avoiding it in favour of a warmer spot.

Depending on the dog, the location of their bed may make them feel excluded from the rest of the family. Or, in the case of shy dogs, they may feel as if their bed is in an area of the house that is too busy for them to relax properly.

It’s therefore important to make sure your dog has the right bed for them, and that it’s in the best location (more on that below). This way, you can make sure their bed is comfortable.

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Is It Important For A Dog To Have A Bed?

While most dogs won’t be harmed by sleeping on the floor, there are still plenty of reasons why it’s important for a dog to have a bed.

For starters, the Kennel Club Canine Code states that a dog must have a suitable clean, dry resting area available at all times. A comfortable, purpose-made dog bed is a great way to ensure you provide this.

A dog bed is also important for the following reasons.

Feeling Safe

Dogs need to have their own space. This is particularly the case for anxious dogs. A cosy bed that isn’t disturbed or shared with any other animals will help dogs to feel safe and secure. Some dogs might even like their bed to be inside a crate so that they have a den to retreat to at any time.

What’s more, a dog bed can help to define boundaries. For example, children can easily understand that when the dog is in their bed, they shouldn’t disturb them. This helps a dog to maintain a space that is theirs.

Joint Support

A good quality dog bed is also important when it comes to protecting your dog’s joints. The ideal bed will be supportive and not too soft, but not too firm either. Memory foam dog beds are particularly good at providing relief for dogs with aches and pains associated with ageing or joint issues.

Improved Sleep

Making sure that your dog has good quality sleep is very important to their wellbeing. A comfy bed will help them to stay asleep longer and not wake up in the night. Sleeping well has been linked to improved memory in dogs – meaning they’ll be more successful during training after a good night’s kip!

Avoiding Bacteria

Having a designated dog bed makes it easier for you to keep their sleeping area clean. You can opt for a washable dog bed so that you can keep dirt at bay. This will protect your dog from any harmful bacteria.

Is It Ok For A Dog To Sleep On The Floor?

If your dog is otherwise healthy and isn’t showing any signs of discomfort, then it won’t harm them to sleep on the floor. But as we’ve discussed above, there are several benefits to be gained by sleeping in a dog bed.

Do Dogs Need Hard Or Soft Beds?

The ideal dog bed will be fairly firm, but nicely padded. Avoid beds that are too soft as they won’t provide your dog with the necessary support.

Where Should I Put My Dog Bed?

You should put your dog’s bed somewhere away from direct sources of heat or cold draughts. Avoid putting it near radiators, on heated floors, or next to draughty doors and windows. This will make sure your dog is at a comfortable temperature.

Other than temperature considerations, the positioning of a dog’s bed is very much down to personal preference. Think about your dog’s personality. Do they like to be near you at all times? In this case, you might want to consider putting your dog’s bed in your room.

If they are more independent and would prefer to be undisturbed, a room that doesn’t get as much footfall might be better.

If they are woken easily by noises, you might want to make sure that their bed is far away from the front door, phone or TV for example.

Where Is The Best Place For A Dog Bed In A Bedroom?

There’s no right answer here – wherever your dog is comfortable. Just make sure that you put the dog bed somewhere that won’t get trodden on in the night! In a corner of the room is usually best.

Wrapping Up

Getting a good quality dog bed is important for making sure that your pet is comfortable, supported and feeling secure. There is plenty of choice when it comes to picking out the perfect one. Browse our range of dog beds here, and take a look at our blog, ‘What Type of Bed is Best for a Dog?’ to help you choose the right one for your pet.