How to Stop a Dog From Nipping

While it can be playful, nipping in dogs is a behaviour that can sometimes escalate or be a sign of underlying issues. Whether your dog is nipping other dogs, visitors or you, it’s a behaviour many dog guardians struggle with. We’ll explore the differences between nipping and biting, the reasons behind this behaviour, and modern, Read More

Adopting an Older Dog Versus a Puppy

Choosing your next canine companion is a significant decision that involves many considerations. One of the most crucial of these is the dog’s age. The debate between getting an older dog or a puppy has stirred the hearts of prospective dog guardians for generations. Each option comes with its own set of pros and cons, Read More

How to Stop Your Dog Barking at Traffic

Barking at traffic is a behaviour that can be displayed by dogs of all ages and breeds. Whether you’re experiencing it with a new puppy, an adopted dog, or a long-time furry family member, the behaviour can feel frustrating, confusing and potentially dangerous. The steps outlined in this blog are designed to help you understand Read More

Getting a Second Dog: Everything You Need to Know

The decision to add a second dog to your family should not be taken lightly. While the idea of having two dogs may sound appealing, it’s crucial to weigh all considerations before making this 10+ year commitment. In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of having more than one dog, offering modern and ethical advice Read More

Five Ways to Help Your Aggressive Dog

Aggression in dogs is a complex behaviour with various underlying causes. Because of its intricacy, it is largely misunderstood. Aggression is not a character trait in our dogs but a natural, automatic response to particular triggers or stressors. Dogs have many of the same emotions we do, including becoming defensive when they feel unsafe. We Read More