The Benefits of Dog Agility Training

benefits of agility

Agility training isn’t just for owners that wish to compete with their pets, it also has fantastic benefits for all dogs. Keeping your dog fit is important to their health, and agility training is a great way to do this whilst simultaneously improving your dog’s behaviour and overall wellbeing. If you are having any doubts about participating in canine agility training, this article will help to convince you.

It Appeals To Natural Instincts

All dogs have the natural instinct to run, chase and hunt. In the wild, dogs must navigate through natural barriers in order to catch prey. Along the way they deal with inclines, obstacles and narrow paths, running as fast as possible to catch their prey. Agility courses effectively imitate this type of chase, and will thus fulfill their natural desire to hunt.

It Will Improve Your Dog’s Behaviour

Agility training can give your dog something to concentrate on, and is a productive way to get rid of excess energy, and this means that your dog will be less likely to be overexcited or restless when you are not giving them attention. It will also teach your dog how to focus on specific tasks, meaning that they are likely to obey commands and better complete general tasks. Your dog’s ability to walk without a lead will be improved as they learn not to run off in whichever direction they please, but to follow you instead.

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It Is Great Exercise For Your Dog

The amount of practise required for agility training will mean that your dog’s muscles will gain strength as they learn to overcome obstacles and obstructions. The speed at which the course must be completed also means that your dog will get a cardiovascular workout.

It Is Great Exercise For You

Not only will agility training keep your dog fit, it will improve your own fitness as you run alongside your dog, weaving through obstacles and crawling through tunnels. All of this is done at a fast pace, as you must encourage your dog to complete the course in good time.

It Will Strengthen The Bond Between You and Your Dog

A dog would not be able to effectively complete an agility course without the help of its owner, and this means that your dog will be reliant on your verbal instruction and physical guidance. As a result, the trust between you and your dog will increase, and you have more respect for one another.

It Is Fun!

If you are agility training your dog with the intention of competing and winning medals, you will need to take your training seriously. That said, if you were merely using agility training as an alternative form of exercise to running and walking, you would have a lot of fun. Inevitably, your dog will make a fool out of himself or herself when they are initially learning the basics, and this can give you a real laugh.

Agility training is a great thing for you to do with your dog – health, fitness, bonding and fun!