What Can My Dog Drink Other Than Water?

What Can My Dog Drink Other Than Water?

Having access to clean, fresh water is a vital way to help your dog avoid dehydration but you may wonder if they can have other “human” drinks alongside this.

Some drinks can upset your dog’s system while others can potentially be dangerous. Most dogs will lap up anything that they can get to so it’s important to know whether it’s safe to give them certain drinks.

Here’s what you need to know about giving your dog drinks other than water.


Puppies start off drinking their mother’s milk, which gives them valuable nutrients and antibodies to keep them healthy but once they’re weaned off this, they don’t need to drink milk.

In fact, many dogs are actually lactose intolerant as they start to get older and can only tolerate small amounts of milk before it causes problems. Having too much in one go can cause unpleasant signs, especially digestive upset.

Tea and Coffee

Milk may be tolerated in small quantities but tea and coffee should be avoided at all costs due to the caffeine content.

Caffeine poisoning can develop after consuming drinks with caffeine in them.

Drinking caffeine can raise your dog’s blood pressure, speed up their heart rate and make them hyperactive, and it can potentially be very dangerous.

On a similar note, don’t forget that colas and energy drinks also contain caffeine so they’re also a bad choice.

Fruit juice

The main issue with fruit juice is not knowing whether the drink is pure fruit juice or if it has hidden sugars and additives that could be dangerous for your dog.

Pure juices such as apple and orange can be okay in small quantities but you may prefer to give small pieces of the actual fruits so that you can be sure of the situation.

Sugary Drinks

Drinks with lots of sugar might cause a “sugar rush” and make your dog a bit excitable. They can also give them an upset stomach so it is best to avoid these altogether.

Anything containing the sweetener xylitol is a particular problem as it can be toxic for dogs. It can send your dog’s blood pressure crashing, and affect the liver and blood clotting. Warning signs of this can include vomiting, weakness and coordination issues.


Alcohol is another big no no and can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Even in small amounts, it can be toxic. The smaller your dog, the more likely they are to be badly affected.

Water is a great choice for hydrating your dog so this is something that should be available at all times for them. Pure fruit juice can be given in small amounts (if you can verify that it is actually pure or you juice some fruit to make sure of this) but stay clear of anything with caffeine, alcohol or too much sugar.

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    Can they drink milk during pregnancy?
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    I dunno. My dog has drank various beers on occasion and he’s almost 16 years old

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