Cat Ice Lolly Recipe

The information in this article was reviewed and approved by registered veterinary nurse, Beth Walker

Animed Veterinary Nurse, Beth Walker

Giving your cat a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day is a great way to cool them down – and most curious cats will be intrigued by the interesting new texture of ice, especially if they’ve not encountered it before. We’ve rounded up some of the best cold treats for cats, including a customisable cat ice lolly recipe for you to try. With these tasty frozen treats to enjoy, your sun-loving cat will adore the summertime even more!

Remember, treats like these should be given in moderation alongside a complete and balanced diet, and they’re not suitable for cats with special dietary requirements.

Can You Give a Cat Ice Lollies?

Cat’s can’t have human ice lollies because they contain high amounts of sugar, and some may also contain dairy. Most adult cats are actually lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot digest dairy products, so a creamy ice lolly is likely to make them sick. While sugar isn’t toxic to cats, it has no nutritional value for them, and can lead to health problems like obesity, dental disease and diabetes.

Most cats wouldn’t enjoy a sugary human ice lolly much anyway, because interestingly, they can’t detect sweetness – cats don’t have the same taste buds as us, so sweet flavours are a very different experience for cats.

Instead, you can make your own special cat ice lollies at home! They use just a few ingredients and will be much more to your cat’s taste.

How to Make a Cat Ice Lolly

It couldn’t be easier to make a cat ice lolly. The basic method simply involves mixing a cat-friendly liquid with water and freezing it – but since cats are all different when it comes to their flavour preferences, we’ve got a customisable recipe template for you to mix and match with to make your cat’s purr-fect popsicle!

Along with your water and ice lolly mould, simply choose one ingredient from each of the categories below so that you have a flavoursome ice base, a treat in the middle for a surprise centre, and a tasty ‘sauce’ topping if you wish!

Make sure any tins of fish you use are in spring water, not brine or oil, and have no added flavours or seasonings.

You will need:

  • Water (around 400ml)
  • A jug
  • 5-6 ice lolly moulds (paper cups will also work)

Plus one from each of the following:

Lolly base: Tin of tuna in spring water OR tin of sardines in spring water OR low-salt chicken stock

Surprise centre: 1 catnip treat OR ½ tsp kibble OR other cat treat of choice

Topping (optional): Gravy from wet cat food, such as Nature’s Variety Salmon Bites in Gravy


Pour the spring water from your tin of fish or your chicken stock into a jug and dilute with water. Stir the liquid.

Drop your chosen treat for the surprise centre into your ice lolly mould. Instead of a surprise centre, you could also pop a stick-shaped cat treat in the centre to give the look of a lolly stick.

Pour the flavoured water over the top.

Place in the freezer for a few hours until completely set.

Drizzle with the cat food gravy as a ‘sauce’ if you wish.

Remove the mould or paper cup from the ice lolly and offer it to your cat! To avoid a mess on the floor, place it in a bowl or outside for your cat to enjoy.

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Frozen Treats

For an even simpler cold treat for your cat, you can simply freeze some of their favourite treats. Just be aware that treats contribute to your cat’s daily food intake, so adjust their main meals accordingly.

Cat food patés can also be frozen. Freezing cat food and treats can change the taste and texture however, so it’s best to just do a small amount as a test to start with to make sure your cat likes it.

Plain Ice Cubes

If you’re all out of tuna and other cat-friendly ingredients, simple plain ice cubes also make a very welcome treat on a hot day.

Pop some in your cat’s water bowls, or give them a cube or two to play with on the floor. Since cats absorb and release heat through their paws, playing with ice is a great way to cool them down while also stimulating them when it’s too hot for more energetic exercise.

Ready-made Cat Ice Lollies

If DIY isn’t your thing, these ready-made Pawsecco Freeze Pops will provide summer heat relief to both cats and dogs. All you have to do is pop them straight in the freezer, and in no time at all your cat can enjoy a luxurious ice lolly made with natural herbs.

Wrapping Up

These tasty frozen treats for cats are sure to elicit some contented purrs, and will help to cool your furry friend down in the hot weather. Remember, while it’s less common in cats, our feline friends can suffer from heatstroke. Make yourself aware of the signs of heatstroke in cats, and the things you can do to keep them cool over the summer.

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