What do Parrots Eat? Food to Feed Your Parrot

A healthy parrot diet consists of a mixture of pellets, vegetables, grains, seeds and fruits. There is some debate among veterinarians and parrot experts about the exact ideal quantities of each of these. However, we do know that seed mixes on their own will not provide adequate nutrition for your bird, despite seed mixes being Read More

Animed Direct donates food to local animal charities

We understand this year has been tough and due to the restrictions and lockdowns local charities have struggled to stay open and operate. As animal lovers, we wanted to support more local animal charities by donating food. Working alongside Blue Cross Suffolk Rehoming Centre and a local volunteer, Georgina, we were able to donate food Read More

Food To Feed Your Parrot

Good food to feed your parrot… Seeds, pellets and nuts should account for no more than half of your parrot’s daily food intake. By themselves, these foods will not provide adequate nutrition for your bird and deficiencies and ill health become more likely. The remainder of your parrot’s diet should be made up of grains, Read More

World Animal Day – How Can You Help to Raise Money for Animal Welfare Across the World?

It’s World Animal Day on October 4th, and this is a big date for your diary if you’re interested in animal welfare and are looking for an opportunity to do your bit for animals around the world. Perhaps you’d like to raise awareness of an animal welfare issue that is close to you heart? Or Read More

Advice on Choosing the Right Bird Seeds

Choosing the Right Bird Seeds Do you have wild birds in your garden? Bird seed is a popular option for feeding them but it isn’t always easy to know how type to offer. Bird seeds can vary quite a lot in terms of ingredients, which can impact on the type of birds that will ultimately Read More

Turn Your Garden Into A Wild Bird Paradise In 2016

Would you like your garden to become a paradise for wild birds? This is the ideal time to start preparing and planning for the spring planting and summertime blooms which will attract wild birds all year round. What Should I Plant and Grow This Year? Having certain plants and trees in your garden can attract Read More

Feeding Wild Birds – 3 Top Tips!

Feeding Wild Birds – 3 tops tips! Do you get wild birds in your garden or are you hoping to attract them in the future? Here are our 3 tops tips for feeding them the right type of foods and creating a healthy environment. #1 What To Feed High fat foods will provide energy and Read More

Choosing the Right Wild Bird Seed

Not all wild bird seed will necessarily be enjoyed by all of the birds who may visit your garden. The key is to please the birds that already come to you, rather than focusing on the ones that you hope to attract. This will avoid wasted seed, that could otherwise lead to bacteria and mould Read More

How to Care For Your Parrot

Learn How To Care For Your Parrot Parrots make fascinating pets but can be particularly challenging to look after. They can live to a very good age and are therefore a long term commitment. Your Parrot’s Home Generally speaking, birds are quite social and will enjoy living in parts of the home that are well Read More