Our guide to changing your pet’s diet and tips on introducing new food

We all like to give our pets food they enjoy, but when should we change their diet? What if we’ve been advised to feed them something different? We look at when you should change your pet’s diet and the best way to introduce new food. When should you change your pet’s diet? There are only two main Read More

Why do pets need regular flea treatment?

  Not a pretty picture! but as a pet owner, you know that you’ll need to protect your pet against fleas (and ticks) by giving them regular flea treatments. Did you realise it’s just as important to treat your home too? Approximately 95% of the flea population live in carpets, furnishings, soft bedding and the Read More

How to manage skin problems in cats and dogs

In cats and dogs, skin problems can be indicated by symptoms such as: Excessive hair loss Flaky or scaly skin Redness Bald patches Scratching (particularly for dogs) Licking and chewing their skin (particularly for cats) Lumps and bumps under the skin A dull-looking coat Causes of skin problems in cats and dogs Some of the Read More

What are worms and why should I worm my pet?

  It’s not nice to think that your pet maybe suffering from worms and in close proximity to you and your family too. Luckily worms are straight forward to tackle and they can be quickly sorted out. It’s a pet owners’ responsibility to keep pets healthy and it’s crucial that worming is done regularly as animals can become re Read More

What are the signs of diabetes in pets?

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that results from either a lack of insulin in the body or a resistance to insulin. This means that insulin cannot do its job of regulating the levels of glucose in the body. As with humans, this can cause a range of problems and it’s important for owners to be Read More

Top dental care tips for cats and dogs

                                                                       We all know the pain and discomfort felt when we have a sore tooth, imagine not being able to do anything about it or have it linger over the course of a few weeks or even months! Whether it’s teeth or gums that have an infection, it’s not just the mouth that is affected.  Read More

How Does Age Affect How Much Exercise Your Dog Needs

There are a few factors that can affect how much exercise your dog needs, and age is one of the biggest ones (along with their breed and general health). As a general rule of thumb, your dog should be tired after exercise but not completely exhausted. This should ensure that they are burning calories and Read More

Dogs need a holiday too

As we start looking ahead to our 2018 holidays, it’s not just us humans who are in need of a break. It turns out, we could have more in common with our four-legged friends than we first thought, and just like us, they need a holiday too. Parkdean Resorts has teamed up with Graeme Hall, Read More

Healthy Pet Diet – The key ingredients to look out for

Here are our top tips for making sure your pet has a healthy pet diet with the right type of ingredients. Complete versus complementary foods Complete foods contain all of the nutrients that will keep your pet healthy, and these can be of the wet or dry variety. Complementary foods don’t contain the full amounts Read More

What is a Tick, why they’re dangerous & how to avoid them

When you go on walks with your dog, there’s a very good chance that they might pick up an unwanted and unwelcome guest on their travels in the form of a Tick. What is a Tick? Ticks are very small parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts (preferably animals). They can be found Read More