How do you know if your pet is overweight?

Pet obesity is still a growing concern for vets and pet parents across the UK. It’s estimated that 65% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are either overweight or obese*. This indicates there is still some work to be done in raising awareness of a healthy body shape. So how do you Read More

Wet Vs Dry Dog Food: Which is Better?

Is it better to feed your dog wet or dry food? Both are excellent choices but you may find one is more suited to your dog’s lifestyle and age.  We look at both options to help you decide the best diet for your dog. Wet Food Wet food provides vital moisture to a dogs diet, Read More

Dog friendly walks in the UK

January is officially Walk Your Dog Month, and to celebrate we’re sharing some of our favourite dog friendly walks in the UK.  These locations are sure to dust off post-Christmas blues and inspire you to get out and about with your dog. Haysden Country Park (Kent) Located to the west of Tonbridge, this scenic spot Read More

Choosing the right commercial diet for your pet

With so many commercial cat and dog foods to choose from now, deciding which diet is best for your pet can be overwhelming. Do you buy Organic? Light? Grain-free? Raw? Fresh? Life-stage? What do the ingredients mean? Is wet better than dry? Don’t worry, we know there’s a lot to consider, so we’ve put together Read More

Healthy Pet Diet – The key ingredients to look out for

When we shop for food we often look at the ingredients to understand it’s nutritional value. The same goes for shopping for our pet food, as pet parents we want to know we’re feeding our pets the best and healthy diets. However, with so many diets out there to choose from and a long list Read More

Six top tips on how to help your pet cope with New Year celebrations

As end of year parties get in to full swing, remember it can be a stressful time for pets. Strangers in the home, loud music and of course, the inevitable fireworks. Before any celebrations start, spend a few moments to help your pet cope. How to help your pets cope with New Year celebrations Walk Read More

Reducing Anxiety for your Pets at Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time and with lots to organise and family members to see this often means normal routines are disrupted. To make sure your pet stays calm throughout the festive season, we’ve put together some handy tips: Keeping their routine Christmas can completely change our pet’s routine so it is important to Read More

Foods your pet should avoid at Christmas

There’s plenty of delicious food and drink around at Christmas and it can be just as tempting for our pets as it is for us. However, no matter how much your pet might want to share your Christmas treats, it is important that you resist. You might think that you are making your pet happy, Read More

Puppy to Adult: A Transition Guide

Your puppy has its own unique personality and appearance; but it also has unique nutritional needs. As puppies mature, and become adult dogs, their nutritional needs will change and it’s important to feed them a diet that meets their new requirements.  But what exactly do they need, and when are they officially an adult dog? Read More

Supporting pets with Diabetes

Being told by your vet that your pet has diabetes can be very upsetting and worrying. Diabetes is a serious health condition and it’s only natural for owners to question whether they’ll able to correctly care for their pets at home following a diagnosis. The good news is, most pets with Diabetes can enjoy a normal Read More