What is a faecal worm egg count?

A faecal worm egg count (FWEC) measures the number of worm eggs contained in a sample of your horse’s dung, to indicate whether you need to give your horse a wormer or not. The life cycle of most worms involves the horse inadvertently ingesting worm eggs or larvae from the pasture. These develop in the Read More

Animed Direct’s Favourites: Top 10 UK Pet Influencers

Influencers have well and truly become part of our lives. From product reviews, style advice and makeup tips to DIY advice, home decor tips and computer game walkthroughs, there’s an influencer for everything – including pets! Yes, Instagram has turned our furry friends into celebrities, and here at Animed Direct we couldn’t be happier about Read More

What is PPID? (formerly known as Equine Cushing’s Disease)

What is PPID? You may be more familiar with its former name, Cushing’s Disease. PPID is a hormonal disease which tends to affect ponies and horses over the age of 15. Note: Cushing’s is also a disease which can affect dogs and people, although equine Cushing’s is a different disease and has different symptoms. It’s Read More

Buying a new horse? Our essential budgeting & health tips

  Selecting and buying a new horse is an exciting time. It may be your first, a successor to a much-loved companion, or an addition to your stable and family. Whatever your situation, there are many key considerations required. The health of your next horse or pony is one of the most important factors you Read More

Pet Shows 2018

Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, horse or any other pet in between, there is sure to be a UK pet show for you in 2018. You may be a pet owner wanting to learn about the newest pet-care products, a potential pet owner looking to learn more about owning a pet, or an animal Read More

How to Improve Your Riding Position

Riding position (known as your seat) is one of the big areas that novice horse riders often get wrong, and this can make it hard to get any significant control over your horse. Having a good seat also makes it a lot easier to have good communication with your horse. It’s also safer for your Read More

Top Tips for Novice Horse Riders

If you’re new to horse riding, it may take you a whole to get to grips with how to ride correctly. Beginners can often find themselves making key mistakes, especially with their riding style, and this can make it harder to make progress. Here are some of our top tips for new horse riders! Use Read More

World Animal Day – How Can You Help to Raise Money for Animal Welfare Across the World?

It’s World Animal Day on October 4th, and this is a big date for your diary if you’re interested in animal welfare and are looking for an opportunity to do your bit for animals around the world. Perhaps you’d like to raise awareness of an animal welfare issue that is close to you heart? Or Read More

Interesting Facts About Horses

There’s no doubt that horses are fascinating creatures but how much do you really know about them? Here are some facts that you might not be familiar with. Horses Can Live For Many Years A horse can be a very long term commitment and can potentially live for many decades.  Some horses have notched up Read More

Do Animals Have an Internal Clock?

Does your pet seem to know when it is time for dinner every day? Some pet owners have consistently marvelled at the ability of their dog or cat to remind them about meals or walks at the exact same time every day – sometimes right down to the exact minute. Given that our furry friends Read More