Keeping Outdoor Rabbits Safe in Cold Weather

  Keeping outdoor rabbits safe in cold weather should still be top of mind with icy blasts possible over the coming weeks.  Rabbits could be adversely affected if they primarily lives outdoors and you haven’t taken steps to protect them from the harsh effects. Here are some tips for keeping outdoor rabbits happy and safe during the colder months. Read More

Pet Shows 2018

Whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, horse or any other pet in between, there is sure to be a UK pet show for you in 2018. You may be a pet owner wanting to learn about the newest pet-care products, a potential pet owner looking to learn more about owning a pet, or an animal Read More

Looking After Your Rabbit- Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbits are a very popular family pet, given that they can be kept indoors or outside, making them suitable for most living situations. Though they may seem like an easy, low maintenance pet (which they are, in some respects), rabbits do still require a lot of care and attention, which means that you must be Read More

What Does It Cost to Keep a Pet?

Owning a pet can be massively rewarding but unfortunately, it doesn’t come free. Research from Sainsbury’s pet insurance has indicated that the average costs of keeping a pet can exceed £17,000 over their lifetime so it’s no wonder that they feel like such a big part of the family! There are quite a few costs Read More

Antifreeze Poisoning – Spot the Signs in your Pet

As the weather gets colder, the use of antifreeze in the mornings is going to become more frequent. In turn, this means that there is a higher chance of your pet accidentally ingesting antifreeze, as when it drips out of car radiators the liquid often runs into puddles that your pet may drink. Even the Read More

World Animal Day – How Can You Help to Raise Money for Animal Welfare Across the World?

It’s World Animal Day on October 4th, and this is a big date for your diary if you’re interested in animal welfare and are looking for an opportunity to do your bit for animals around the world. Perhaps you’d like to raise awareness of an animal welfare issue that is close to you heart? Or Read More

Top Tips for Your Pet on Firework Night

Animals tend to have much better hearing than humans, which means that things often sound much louder to them. The loud bangs and whistles that they are exposed to when fireworks are let off can cause them a lot of distress, and can be very frightening and even painful. The run-up to Bonfire Night therefore Read More

Why Rabbits Shouldn’t Eat “Rabbit Food”

Did you know that what we often refer to as “rabbit food” is actually something of a myth? Rabbits can eat carrots and some types of lettuce but these food items shouldn’t form a large part of their diet as they can lead to health issues. This can be confusing for new rabbit owners who Read More

The Importance of Vaccination

When you first get a new cat, dog or rabbit, having them vaccinated is one of the first things that you’re advised to do. There’s good reason for this as it protects them against a number of dangerous and potentially fatal conditions. Some of these can even be passed onto humans. Read on to find Read More

Rabbit Awareness Week 2016

From 18th to 26th June 2016, it’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in the UK. If you’re not already aware of this campaign, it happens every year and was created by Burgess Pet Care. They now team up with their partner, MSD Animal Health and various pet charities including RSPCA, PDSA, The Blue Cross and Rabbit Read More