How Often Should I Worm My Cat or Dog and Why?

Are you worming your pet regularly enough? “How often should I worm my cat or dog” are among questions of concern our vets are often asked. Many pet owners do not realise that their pet needs to be wormed on a very regular basis to ensure that they are protected. Here, we look at why you Read More

Allergies and Itchy Skin in Cats and Dogs

Just as in humans, allergies can cause irritated, itchy skin in both cats and dogs.  Many dogs suffer from allergies – with fleas, house dust mites and pollens being among the most common allergens; which means signs may vary with the seasons, being particularly bad in spring and summer.  A proportion of the canine population Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Socialise with Others

Dogs are social animals by nature but they have to learn how to interact with other animals through socialisation. Ideally, this will happen as a puppy as they are likely to become suspicious of environments to which they have not already been introduced to. Socialisation is therefore a key part of your dog’s development. While Read More

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms in Dogs & Cats: The Facts

Intestinal worms can cause illness in affected cats and dogs, and in severe cases, this can lead to serious complications. Thankfully, it is simple to protect your pet against this via a regular worming routine. Here’s what you need to know about worms, and how to safeguard your pet against them. Types of Worms There Read More

Should You Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

For most of us, our pets are part of the family and this may mean that they are allowed to sleep on or in your bed. Some experts suggest that this is not a good idea as it can compromise your health. Here, we look at some of the disadvantages of letting your pet sleep Read More

Managing stress in dogs and cats over Christmas & the New Year

We tend to associate fireworks with 5th November but in reality the whizzes, bangs and whooshes often continue well into December with Christmas festivities and New Year parties. Whilst most of us enjoy the bright lights and noises, for some pets, fireworks are a struggle and a cause for worry. Christmas and New Year also Read More

Things to Look Out for on Autumn Dog Walks

We recently looked at the potentially very serious Seasonal Canine Illness, which can be picked up on autumn walks in wooded areas. Unfortunately, this is not the only potential danger to keep an eye out for when you are walking your dog during the next few months. Leaf Piles You might not think that leaves Read More

What to Do In a Pet Emergency

Emergencies usually happen when you least expect them and can be extremely distressing for both you and your pet. If you are unsure as to how best to react, this anxiety can become even more pertinent. Here are our tips on how to cope with a pet emergency. NB: The advice contained in this article Read More

Picking the Perfect Boarding Kennels

If you are heading off on holiday and there isn’t any option to take your dog with you or leave them with family or friends, a boarding kennel is the next best option. Choosing the right one can be a challenge, especially if you have not previously had to do this before. Here are our Read More

Should I Let My Dog Swim in the Sea?

Next time you visit a dog-friendly beach, your pet may well be interested in going into the sea. This is particularly likely on a hot day for cooling off purposes. For some dogs, this is not a good idea as they cannot swim well. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, there are things Read More