Does My Cat Love Me?

It’s only too obvious when a dog is head over heels for their owner. But when it comes to cats, they can be a little more reserved when displaying their affection. But rest assured, the signs your cat loves you are still there! Cats show their adoration for their owners in lots of ways – here are some to look out for!

How do cats show affection?

Cats show affection in sweet and subtle ways. As well as vocal cues like purring or certain meows, cats show their devotion through body language too.

All cats are unique and will differ slightly in how they show they love you. Pay close attention to your cat’s body language and how they behave and soon enough you’ll understand their unique love language.

Most cats will show the following 12 signs, or variations of them, when they love their owner.
Signs your cat loves you

They Purr

We’re starting off with the most obvious and universal sign that a cat is happy and enjoys your company. If your cat is purring, they’re pleased to be with you!

They Do a Special Meow (trill)

Cats sometimes make a high-pitched, chirp-like sound, known as a trill. If they do this with you, it’s their way of saying ‘I love you’!

You’ve Seen the Slow Blink

Direct, unblinking eye contact is generally perceived as threatening in the cat world. If they give you softer, more relaxed eye contact and blink slowly, this is a good sign. A long, drawn out blink while they gaze at you means that your cat is very comfortable in your presence.

Your Cat Headbutts You

While in the human world a headbutt is anything but affectionate, for cats, it’s very much so!

Cats usually nudge or gently bump their heads against other cats in their social group to reinforce their bond. It allows them to create a group scent using the scent glands in their cheeks. So if your cat is headbutting you, it means they see you as a member of their family!

Playful Biting

When a cat nibbles you in a non-aggressive way, it’s a sign of affection! Kittens also bite and mouth to explore the world and play with one another.

However, if your cat abruptly bites you and flees, this could be a sign that they are overstimulated, fearful or stressed.

Your Cat Kneads You

Kneading is the rhythmic pushing motion cats do, alternating their paws on something soft. If this ‘something soft’ is your knees or chest, it means your cat is very happy and comfortable with you!

It’s a call back to their kittenhood when they would knead their mum’s tummy to stimulate the milk flow. So if your cat kneads you, chances are they feel a similar secure connection with you to the one they felt with their mother.

They Lick or Groom You

Much like headbutting, licking helps to create a group scent. Cats will lick each other to help them distinguish who is in their social group and strengthen bonds between them. So if your cat is licking you, they know you are part of their family!

They Bring You ‘Gifts’

We’re using the term ‘gifts’ loosely here as a human’s idea of a present is very different to our feline friends’! But rest assured, if your cat brings you a mouse, it’s a positive thing!

You’ve Seen a Lot of Your Cat’s Belly

A cat’s belly is a very vulnerable area, so if they expose it to you, then you are very trusted indeed! They are confident that they are safe around you, and some cats may even like you to stroke them there. (This isn’t the case for all cats though!)

They Sit on Your Lap or Sleep with You

Just like when they expose their belly, if your cat sleeps on you, they trust you enormously!

Cats are defenceless when they’re asleep, so they’ll only snooze where they feel most comfortable and safe. If that’s on your lap, then you’re a pretty important person in their eyes!

They Show You Their Behind

Cats present their backsides to each other in the same way that we would shake hands with another person. It’s their way of saying hello to one another. If your cat presents their backside to you, it’s the equivalent of a warm greeting – take it as a compliment!

The Shape of Their Tail

Cats communicate a lot with their tails. A tall, straight tail indicates confidence and ease, showing that they are content in your company. A slight curve at the end of the tail can signal that they want to play with you. And if they wrap their tail around you, that’s the equivalent of giving you a big furry hug.

It’s all in the body language with cats – if you’ve ever wondered whether your cat loves you just as much as you love them, these are the signals to look out for. Has your cat shown four or more of these signs of affection? If so, you can rest assured that they love you very much!