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Petface Drying Robe

Plenty of dog owners have experienced the battle between dog and towel after bath time or a wet walk! Air drying is not recommended for dogs, particularly those with thick, long or double coats. A damp coat can lead to matting, infections and other skin problems like hot spots. It’s therefore important to make sure your dog is thoroughly dried, but it’s often easier said than done. A dog drying coat is a great way to ensure your dog is dried off, with minimal effort from you! There are plenty of benefits to using a dog drying coat like this one from Petface. Read on to discover what you could be missing out on!

Dry Effectively

Rubbing dogs with short-looped towels won’t dry the skin beneath the fur. Specifically designed with your dog’s thick fur in mind, dog drying coats effectively absorb moisture by trapping their body heat.

Save Time

After a long, tiring walk, who’s got time to rub down a soaking dog until they’re dry? A dog drying coat is a much quicker way to towel them off, and doesn’t require nearly as much effort. Simply pop it on your dog, secure the velcro straps, and let the coat do the work!

Avoid Discomfort

Many dogs dislike the sensation of being rubbed down with a towel, and will actively try and avoid it! Arthritic dogs in particular may be uncomfortable with rubbing over their joints. Skip the drama after bathtime by using a dog drying coat. They are easy to put on and won’t restrict your dog’s movement – and don’t require any rubbing!

What’s more, if you yourself have any mobility issues, a dog drying coat also means you don’t need to bend down over your dog for a while to dry them manually.

Protect Your Home

Dogs love to shake when they’re wet. This is a very natural behaviour, but it can be messy! Pop a drying coat on your pup when you get in from a rainy walk, and instead of all the dirty water splashing up your walls and over your furniture, it’ll be contained within the coat!

Keep Wet Dog Smells at Bay

As much as we love our pups, the smell of wet dogs isn’t the most pleasant. Wet dogs often rub up against furniture which can make it damp and lock in bad smells. A dog drying coat can help to reduce doggy smells by keeping the wetness contained!

Keep Dogs Warm After a Winter’s Walk

If your dog loves to jump in the river or splash in muddy puddles, you’ll need to be careful over the winter months. A wet dog’s body temperature can drop quickly, particularly once they’ve stopped moving around. A dog drying coat is a great way to keep your dog warm in the back of the car during the drive back from a cold, wet walk. This is particularly important for senior dogs who can suffer with stiff joints if allowed to get cold. It’ll also help protect your car from mud and dirt – win win!

Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

While a dog drying coat is primarily useful in the cold, rainy season, it can be a lifesaver in summer too! If your dog is struggling in the heat, simply soak the coat in cold water before putting it on your dog. It’ll keep them nice and cool.

With all these great benefits, it’s easy to see why so many dog owners love using drying coats. This one from Danish Design is made from 100% cotton and features handy velcro straps for an easy fit. It’s also machine washable for easy cleaning. At Animed Direct, we also sell a range of outdoor dog coats to help keep pooches visible, warm and dry while they’re out on walks too.

Animed Veterinary Nurse, Beth Walker
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