Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

What different dog sleeping positions mean
Dog sleeping positions chart

The information in this article was reviewed and approved by registered veterinary nurse, Beth Walker

Animed Veterinary Nurse, Beth Walker

As pet owners, we’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling of love when watching our little fur-babies snoozing away. There’s just something about watching our adorable pups dreaming and twitching in their sleep that makes our hearts burst! But what do our dogs’ sleeping positions tell us about them? Whether your dog sleeps in a tucked-up donut position, or splays out with their belly on display, the position your dog sleeps in could tell us something about their unique personality. Take a look at our dog sleeping positions chart above, or read on for more!

The Donut

Dogs who sleep in the Donut position will tuck in their legs and wrap their tail around them, so that they are nice and compact. Sleeping curled up like this helps them to feel protected from their surroundings. This dog sleeping position could indicate shyness, but they are also likely to be sweet and caring.

Pooches that sleep in this position love to snuggle up in a bed with high sides that go all the way around. Aptly named a donut dog bed, these are also great for puppies who might still be feeling a little shy or anxious, away from mum for the first time. Dog beds with high sides help dogs to feel safe and secure to make sure they sleep soundly.

The Superman

This dog sleeping position is for pups who love to play! Stretched out on their tummies with all four legs extended, they may be tired, but they’re always ready to spring into action for a game. Superman sleepers are brimming with energy and playfulness.

A mattress dog bed could be the perfect choice for a pup who sleeps Superman-style. This Tweed Box Duvet for example, will provide plenty of space for your dog to spread out lengthways, with no sides to hinder them.

The Cuddler

As the name suggests, Cuddlers will happily snooze next to a fellow furry friend. Your dog might like to snuggle up with their canine sibling, or perhaps they’re best friends with your cat. Whoever your pooch chooses to curl up next to, you can be sure they have a strong bond. Dogs who sleep in this position have a lot of love and affection to give.

A large bed is essential for Cuddlers, as more often than not, there’ll be more than one occupant! This quilted dog mattress comes in a size extra large and is a great option for dogs who love to share.

The Lion’s Pose

Devoted and protective, dogs who sleep in the Lion’s Pose position are ready to spring into action at any moment. Dogs will often start in this position when they settle down for a rest if they feel like they may need to jump up quickly. Often they’ll nod off at your feet or by the front door. If this is your pup’s favourite sleeping position, chances are they are alert and ready to protect you.

The Belly Up

The Belly Up position indicates that a dog feels completely comfortable in their environment. The tummy is a very vulnerable area of a dog’s body. Freely exposing it, especially while asleep, means they are entirely confident that they are safe in their home with you.

Sometimes, dogs might also sleep in this position if they are trying to keep cool. They can release a lot of heat by exposing their belly, and dogs sweat through their paws, so it helps to have them up in the air.

The Side Sleeper

One of the most common dog sleeping positions, the Side Sleeper involves resting on the side of the body with legs extended. Pups who snooze like this are very content, relaxed and feel safe. This way of sleeping might indicate that your dog is trusting.

While Side Sleepers can fall asleep just about anywhere, they will appreciate a cosy bed to recline in. For example, this dog bed has a traditional basket shape with slightly raised sides so your dog won’t need to worry about rolling out. It’s also super soft and cosy.

Wrapping Up

Sleep is essential for our dogs to living a healthy, happy life. Whatever position they prefer to snooze in, it’s important that they feel comfortable and safe. One of the best ways to ensure this is to get the perfect bed that suits your dog’s sleeping style. Take a look at our blog, ‘What Type of Bed is Best for a Dog‘ to learn more about the different kinds of dog beds, and discover which could be right for your pet.

How does your dog like to sleep? Let us know in the comments!