How To Ensure Your Cat Drinks Enough Water

How To Ensure Your Cat Drinks Enough Water

Cats are often seen as more self sufficient pets than dogs, which can sometimes mean that we presume they take more care of themselves than they really do. This is definitely the case when it comes to owners encouraging (or rather, not encouraging) their cats to drink water, which means that many cats don’t drink as much as they should. Of course, this is important for basic hydration as the temperatures rise over the summer, but sufficient water intake is also a vital part of keeping your cat’s basic health in check and long term dehydration can lead to serious health problems. If you are stuck on how to encourage your cat to drink more water, try some of these tips!

Increase Access To Water

Placing more water bowls around the house can encourage them to drink more because it is easier for them to access. They are likely to have a drink as they walk past a bowl out of interest as to why the bowl is there, without realising they are thirsty.

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Separate Activities

As humans, we wouldn’t want to eat and drink next to where we go to the toilet, and cats often have the same attitude. If your cat’s water bowl is close to their litter tray, consider moving it (potentially to a different room) and you may find that your cat starts to drink more water.

Experiment With Different Bowls

If your cat seems uninterested in drinking from their water bowl, it could be that they don’t feel comfortable drinking from the bowl. Experiment using bowls made from different materials (e.g. plastic, steel or ceramic) and see if your cat’s drinking habits change!

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Switch To A Wet Food Diet

Quite simply, wet food contains more moisture than dry food, meaning that it can help to keep your cat hydrated. You could even add extra water to this wet food to increase their water intake even further. If your cat tends to prefer dry food, try adding some water to their food bowl and your cat will be consuming more water without realising.

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Give Your Cat An Ice Cube

Cats love to play, and the interesting temperature and texture of an ice cube makes it a perfect toy. Of course, as your cat licks the ice cube they will be drinking water. To further encourage your cat to lick the ice cube, why not add some tuna water – just be sure to use a different tray for your own ice cubes!

Turn On The Tap

Many cats enjoy playing with the bathroom taps, so why not leave the tap running gently for a minute or so a few times a day? Having the tap running too fast may scare your cat away, and leaving it running for too long would not be good for the environment, but you may find that the gentle flowing of water will interest your cat enough to drink a little.

Each and every cat is different, which means that there is not necessarily one solution to encouraging them to drink more water. It is simply a matter of experimenting with different techniques and finding what works for you and your cat. If you have any serious concerns about your cat’s water intake, you should not hesitate to speak to your vet.