Are Flats Suitable Homes for Cats and Dogs?

are flats suitable for cats and dogs Living in a flat without a garden does not have to mean that you can’t have a pet. If you take the correct steps to ensure that both you and your pet are safe and content, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the benefits of pet ownership. Here are some tips on how to get around any potential issues of having a pet in a flat.

Walk Them Regularly

This is especially important for dogs: once they are toilet trained, you should aim to take them out for a short walk at least three times a day (particularly before bedtime) so that they can go to the toilet! Only you will know your pet, and so you should take them out more regularly if you know that they need any extra visits to the loo.

Keep Litter Trays Clean

If your cat cannot easily leave and return to your home, it is important that you keep their litter train clean, as this is where they do their business. Clean it at least every day (or two, at maximum) in order to avoid a build up of smell and germs. You should have at least one litter box per can, and they should be kept in a separate space from where you or guests will spend a lot of time, such as a back hallway or utility room.

Choose a Breed That Is Suitable For Your Space

Most cats adapt well to living in flats, because they don’t tend to grow too large. However, it is important to consider the breed of your dog, especially if you don’t have a garden. Larger dogs will not only take up more space, but are likely to need more walking if they don’t have a garden in which to exercise.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Pets can smell, which is rather unpleasant when combined with the issue of a confined space, such as a flat. This can be avoided, providing that you bathe your pet regularly and take care of their dental health (brushing their teeth is ideal, but not always practical, so dental chews will suffice). This will make your flat much more pleasant – not only for you but for your guests, too!

Keep Your Home Clean

Cats and dogs are likely to make a lot of mess, which is all the more noticeable in a small space. This mess is almost unavoidable: they will moult and are likely to make crumbs when they eat. To overcome this issue, you should vacuum and clean your floors regularly (at least two or three times a week), and vacuum your furniture, such as sofas. You should also try to wash your pet’s bed on a regular basis so that is does not smell- be sure to use a sensitive detergent so that it does not irritate your pet’s skin. This list proves that it is definitely ok to have a cat or a dog if you live in a flat; you just have to be a little more conscious when it comes to taking them out and keeping them clean. Enjoy!