Grooming Tips For Your Dog

Grooming your Dog

Grooming your Dog

Grooming will help your dog to maintain a sleek appearance but there are other good reasons to make this part of your pet’s regular routine. Many owners find that grooming is a great way to bond with their dog.

The Benefits of Grooming

Grooming your dog on a regular basis helps to keep their coat clean. Dead fur and dirt will be removed and there should be less shedding on your furniture. It will also stimulate fur growth, limit the potential for knots and tangles, and keep your pet looking their best. Even dogs with short coats will benefit from regular grooming.

How Often to Groom?

A lot will depend on your dog’s coat. Long haired dogs will need to be groomed on a daily basis. This will prevent tangles and matting. Dogs with short to medium coats can be groomed less than this. Medium coats should be groomed no less than once a week but shorter coats can be groomed once a month.

Some breeds do not actually shed at all, which increases the potential for matting. Poodles are an example of this. Grooming will need to be carried out regularly for these dogs and you will also need to clip and wash the coat regularly.

What You’ll Need

A soft brush is essential, as are wide and fine toothed combs. Grooming mitts can also help to remove more dead fur.

Tips for Grooming Your Dog

Use your fingers to loosen any tangles before you start grooming. Follow this by brushing or combing in the direction of fur growth. For long haired dogs, it’s recommended that you brush forwards, followed by brushing backwards.

Height is an important consideration when grooming your dog. You will need to make sure that both yourself and your dog are at suitable heights for grooming to happen successfully. Grooming tables can be bought but generally speaking, a robust table or bench with non-slippery surfaces should be an adequate location.

Knots and simple tangles can be removed by gentle brushing or combing. Matting is a much trickier proposition and should be tackled by a professional groomer to avoid damage and injury.

Making Grooming Enjoyable

Introducing grooming while your dog is still a puppy makes it more likely that he or she will accept it as a part of their everyday routine. Start off with shorter sessions and build things up from there. If your dog starts to get restless or irritated, cut the grooming session short so that he or she is less likely to think of it in negative terms. Reward your dog with treats and praise to build a positive association with grooming.

Professional Grooming

If you require the services of a professional groomer, look for one that has City & Guilds qualification; these are a sign of high quality training. He or she should also belong to the British Dog Grooming Association and have signed up to their Code of Practice.

[Photo Credits: 2-Dog-Farm]

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