Health and Lifestyle Mobile Apps for Dog Owners

Map My Dog WalkNeed some help with organising your dog’s health and wellbeing?

Whether you want to improve your first aid skills or understand more about your dog’s health, there are a wide range of apps on the market.

We’ve rounded up some useful lifestyle-relayed apps to make this easier.

1. MapMyDogwalk

Any of you that regularly go running or cycling may be familiar with the “MapMy” style apps, now there’s one for dog walking. Log your walks, automatically track your calories, and sync with your free account at The mobile app is free and available on both Android and iPhone devices.

Find it on iTunes or Google Play

2. Purina Pet Health

Store your dog’s health information in one handy place with this app. Keep track of your dog’s appointments with your vet and information about your dog’s medical history, for example. In the event of an emergency, this app will also help you to find medical support in your local area. It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Find it on iTunes or Google Play

3. Dogfriendly

Want to take your dog out and about but not sure where they are welcome? You need this app! Use it to find dog friendly beaches, accommodation, pubs, days out and search for dog services such as vets and groomers throughout the UK. Over 29,000 locations are included. It costs £1.99 as an iPhone app.

Find it on iTunes

4. Pet First Aid

Would you know what to do if your dog experienced a medical emergency? Brush up on your first aid knowledge with this Android app, which features videos and step-by-step illustration guides. CPR and bandaging are two of the topics covered. There is no search function though so it is not a brilliant option if you are looking for detail on a specific ailment or symptom. As a basic guide to pet first aid though, it could prove to be an invaluable tool in the event of an emergency. It costs £1.91 to download via Google Play and is available for the iPhone for £2.49.

Find it on iTunes or Google Play

5. Dog Log

Looking for an app to keep track of your dog’s daily walks? This Android app will track distance covered per day compared to your ideal walking distance and even allows you the option to compete with your friends and family for top dog walker. It is currently free to download via Google Play.

Find it on Google Play

Do you use any apps to keep track of your dog’s health? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Vicky Coward

    Purrfect Paws and Mucky Pup apps can be used for keeping records of vaccinations and other useful stuff for cats and dogs x