How to Make Dry Dog Food More Appealing at Home

With the cost of living at an all time high, many loving pet owners are turning to dry food as a more affordable way to keep their dog healthy. But what if you want to make your pet’s dinner more exciting texturally? After a while, some owners find that their dog has gone off their dry food. Or, perhaps your pup has always been a bit of a picky eater. If your pet is turning their nose up at their dinner, we’ve thought up some great ways to make kibble less boring. After you’ve tried our great ideas, your dog will be gobbling down their meals in no time!

Why Has My Dog Gone Off Their Dry Food?

If your dog usually eats with great enthusiasm and they’ve suddenly stopped, first make sure that they are not suffering from any health problems. Sometimes a lack of appetite can indicate that something is wrong with your pet, so take them to the vet to make sure they are healthy first.

If you’ve ruled this out, the chances are your dog is simply bored of their usual meal. Just like humans, dogs appreciate variety! Many dogs love their kibble, but if they’ve had it for a while, they might start to crave something new and exciting.

Also, if you routinely give your dog little bits of human food, they may be leaving their own dinner in the hopes of something better.

But don’t worry, there are lots of ways to make dry dog food more appealing and get your pup’s taste buds tingling again!

Should I Moisten Dry Food?

If your dog is picky with dry food, you can certainly try moistening it. This is a very easy way to enhance the flavour and smell of the food, while also changing up the texture.

Simply add a little bit of water to your dog’s kibble and let it soak in. Dry food is porous so will eventually turn to a paste if left long enough.

You could also try using an unsalted broth instead of water for even more flavour.

Mixing Your Pet’s Food

If moistening your dog’s kibble doesn’t do the trick, there are plenty of other things you can try.

One way to add a bit more excitement to your dog’s dinner is to mix dry and wet foods. This can help to create the variety of texture and flavour that will entice your pet, but still allows you to keep costs down.

Remember, always consult your vet before mixing different pet foods. Many dog diets, particularly prescription and science diets, are formulated with specific breeds, ages and health conditions in mind. Mixing them without checking with a vet could result in nutritional imbalances or other negative impacts on your dog’s health.

Your vet can also advise you on the appropriate ratio of wet to dry, and which food combinations will best complement your pet’s needs.

Dog Food Toppers

Another great way to make your dry dog food more appealing at home is to add toppers. Dog food toppers are not usually nutritionally complete on their own, but they are great additions to your dog’s main food. There are wet and dry varieties, but all are strongly flavoured and irresistible to dogs!

These chicken toppers from Nature’s Variety are a type of natural dog food that is freeze-dried to lock in all the nutrients and flavour. Since there is no water left in them after the freeze-drying process, the flavour is even more intense and concentrated. There is also a premium-quality beef option.

If your dog would prefer a wet topper, these gravy-covered Applaws Taste Toppers are perfect. Another natural dog food that’s bursting with wholesome ingredients, this selection pack includes three different flavours to keep your dog guessing!

Safe Toppings for Dog Food

There are also some human foods that can occasionally be added to your dog’s food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, carrots and cucumber are good choices, as is plain yoghurt (xylitol-free) and cooked-through unsalted meats like chicken.

Have a chat with your vet about healthy things to add to dog food that you might have scraps of at home. Saving left-over vegetables and other dog-friendly scraps can be a great way to make dry dog food more appealing without spending any more money.

Wrapping Up: Making Dry Dog Food More Appealing

We want to give our dogs the tastiest meals possible, but sometimes the high cost of living means we need to think about our budgets as well. This often means dry food is the best option. But as we’ve discussed, there are plenty of ways to make your dry dog food more appealing for picky eaters! Often, these alterations can give your dog a little health boost as well as change up the flavour for them. From tasty dog food toppers to the simple just-add-water trick, there are lots of things you can try.

Let us know in the comments what your dog likes best when it comes to enhancing their dry food!

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