Introducing Naturediet Dog Food: A Sustainable, Healthy Option

As pet parents, we want to ensure that our four-legged friends get the very best meals, packed with all the vital nutrients they need to live a life full of adventures. Understandably, our standards have never been higher when it comes to what we put in our dog’s bowl every day. Naturediet is a dog food brand that understands this desire to provide the very best for our pups. Not only does Naturediet dog food contain quality ingredients packed with all the good stuff our pups need to thrive, but they care about the environment too. From packaging to production, Naturediet dog food is kind to the planet, and keeping tails wagging to boot.

What’s in Naturediet Dog Food?

Naturediet are strong believers that less is more. Our dogs don’t need food packed with fillers, additives, colourings and other unnecessary ingredients that don’t benefit them. That’s why you’ll only find a select number of quality ingredients in each Naturediet dog food recipe.

This includes freshly prepared meat or fish for plenty of protein and essential fats, plus wholesome vegetables for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Seaweed and ground bone are added to keep dogs strong and healthy. Rounding it all off is a helping of rice for an extra boost of energy and fibre, or potato in the grain-free recipes. These natural ingredients are then gently steam cooked with a little water to preserve all the goodness.

Naturediet grain free lamb with root veggies

Only high quality, human-grade ingredients are used in Naturediet dog food. Each meal is a perfectly balanced blend of these natural ingredients plus added vitamins and minerals to provide dogs with everything they need.

Many of the flavours of Naturediet dog food contain a single protein source. In other words they contain just one type of meat, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies. Meanwhile, the grain-free range caters specially for pups with grain intolerances, or those that just prefer to leave grains off their plates. And all are utterly irresistible to our four-legged friends!

How is Naturediet Dog Food Sustainable?

Low Food Miles

The produce used in Naturediet dog food is sourced in Britain as locally as possible to the factory in Norfolk. Not only does this mean fresh, quality produce, but it means food miles are as low as possible, helping to reduce your carbon pawprint.

Naturediet Turkey and chicken with rice and carrots

Sustainable Packing

One of the things that makes Naturediet different from a lot of other dog food brands out there is the packaging. Naturediet dog food comes in Tetra Pak® cartons, which are not only convenient, but recyclable too. Over 90% of UK councils now accept Tetra Pak®, either at the roadside or from supermarket collection points.

These innovative carton packs use around 79% less plastic than an average 390g plastic dog food tray – in fact, they are 71% plant-based! Tetra Pak® is predominantly made from FSC certified paperboard, and it’s also BPA free and can create up to 81% less carbon emissions.

Naturediet White Fish with Rice and Potato

Eco-friendly Production

In 2018, Naturediet won the Pet Industry Federation Sustainability Award for their environmental efforts. At the Naturediet factory, production is fueled using Calor LPG. This is a cleaner and more efficient alternative to fossil fuels.

Plus, Naturediet is always striving to find new ways to improve their processes to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Where Can I Buy Naturediet Dog Food?

You can browse the Naturediet wet dog food range at Animed Direct. Whether you’re looking for grain-free options, puppy food, senior diets, or a specific flavour your dog will love, there’s something for every pup.