Know Your Cat Breeds: Abyssinian

Cat Breeds: Abyssinian

Cat Breeds: Abyssinian

In our new blog series, we’re taking an in-depth look at various cat breeds so that you will know exactly what to expect if you are thinking about adopting one of these pets.

First up is the Abyssinian breed. Don’t know much about this type of cat? Here’s the lowdown.


Their prominent ears and almond-shaped eyes give Abyssinians a distinctive look. Their eyes can be a number of colours, including gold, green, copper and hazel. An “m” shaped marking can often be found above the eyes. This is often a “ruddy” colour but can also be chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, cream and tortoiseshell, amongst other shades.

They have strong, lithe bodies with slim legs and a fairly long tail which tapers down to a point. Their coat is generally of medium-length and very soft to the touch.

Most Abyssinians previously had a red-brown base to their coat with black tickling on the “top” coat. This has developed into a range of different colours, including Sorral (a yellow-brown base with chocolate brown ‘tickling’ above this), and Blue (a beige base with blue tickling). Less common are Silver (with a silver-white base), Cinnamon, Tortoiseshell, Red, Cream and Lilac Abyssinians. Whatever the colour of their coat, the basic markings remain the same.

Kittens are born with a darker coat, which gradually lightens as they get older. Because of this, the “real” colour of their coat may not become evident for a while.


Abyssinians are lively cats with an active and playful character. If you’re hoping for a furry friend who will happily curl up in your lap, be aware that this breed is more concerned with being out and about. They are known to become unhappy and even depressed if they are not given daily love and affection so they’re not the best option for anyone who will be too busy to do this.

Health & Maintenance

Abyssinians are not particularly high maintenance cats. They do need grooming but this only needs to be done on a semi-regular basis.

They can be prone to gum disease issues so you’ll need to make a special effort to implement regular teeth brushing. Kidney disease has also been noted in the Abyssinian breed so regular vet visits will be a must to spot the potential signs.

Do you have an Abyssinian or have you done so in the past? Is there anything else you’d like to share about this breed? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Photo credit: FurLined]

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