Know Your Cat Breeds: Burmese

burmese cat

burmese cat

In the next instalment of our “Know Your Cat Breeds” series, we’re turning our attention to Burmese cats. This breed originated from Burma (as you may expect from the name) but also from Thailand and Malaysia.

How much do you know about these cats? Here’s the lowdown on this cat breed and what you can expect if you’re thinking of introducing one to your home.


Burmese cats were originally a dark brown colour but thanks to selective breeding, they can now be a range of different shades. They are small to medium in size, with a muscular frame and interesting bone structure. While the Burmese is not a big cat, these characteristics make it a heavier weight than you might first assume. The legs are slender and feature oval shaped paws.

Facially, the Burmese breed has a distinctive look. Keep an eye out for a rounded head shape with a slender neck and big, expressive eyes that are spaced relatively far apart. The eyes are golden or yellow.

The coat is glossy with a satin-esque feel and as a short hair, this breed doesn’t need much grooming to keep the coat in good condition. However, they do enjoy the attention that comes from being groomed so you may like to do this more often than is strictly necessary.


Burmese cats are friendly and sociable. They form good bonds with their owners and are very affectionate with people. They also enjoy attention and do not appreciate being left alone for too long so they’re not a great option for anyone who will be out of the house for much of the day. They can be attention-seeking and demanding pets and will happily follow you around the house. This is great if you want a constant companion!

They are not usually an aggressive breed with humans but they will easily fight their corner against other cats. They can get on well with children and dogs, making them a great fit for families. They can be a vocal breed and will often try to interact verbally with their owners.


Generally, Burmese cats have a good life span and can live up to the age of 18 in some cases. They are fairly robust health-wise and generally speaking, there are no prominent health issues or concerns to be aware of. As with all cat breeds though, it is best to arrange regular health checks to keep on top of general health.

 [Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker]
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