Should I Let My Dog Swim in the Sea?

Should I Let My Dog Swim In The Sea?

Should I Let My Dog Swim In The Sea?

Next time you visit a dog-friendly beach, your pet may well be interested in going into the sea. This is particularly likely on a hot day for cooling off purposes. For some dogs, this is not a good idea as they cannot swim well. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, there are things that you need to think about before you decide whether it is safe to let them enter the water.

Should I Let My Dog Swim In The Sea?

Some dog breeds are brilliant swimmers but this is not the case across the board. Many pet owners do not realise that not all dogs are good swimmers. In fact, some are just not suited to swimming at all due to their physical build. This includes:

  • Bulldogs and other breeds with large heads cannot swim properly because the weight of their head pushes them forwards and leaves them unable to stay above water.
  • Dogs with slightly squashed faces and muzzles also struggle in water, especially in terms of keeping their noses out of the water so that they can breathe. This is the case for pugs, bulldogs, Pekingese and most boxers.
  • Dogs with short legs will find it challenging to stay afloat without losing buoyancy. Dachshunds are a prime example of this.

Be Wary of Currents and Tides

If you decide that it is safe to let your dog into the water, stay on top of anticipated currents and tides. Even dogs who are strong swimmers can quickly get into difficulties if they are swimming against the tide, especially if they are not used to swimming in this type of water. Swimming in the sea is very different to swimming in lakes, ponds and other areas of still water – even in the shallow parts – and many dogs will not relish it. Check details of the currents and tides before setting off and stay away from any strong rip tides that are highlighted. Even if it seems fine, always use your common sense and keep a close eye on your dog throughout, just as you would do with children.

Don’t Let Your Dog Drink From the Sea

Experts generally agree that you should not encourage your dog to drink from the sea. This is because the salt content does not agree with many dogs and can lead to vomiting. As a worst case scenario, it can lead to fatal salt poisoning. Instead, offer fresh water to keep your dog hydrated.



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