Are Natural Dog Treats Good For Dogs?

As a dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry companion. Treats are an important part of training and daily life, so it’s only natural for responsible pet owners to be keen to provide healthy treats for their dog.

Natural dog treats have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. In this blog, we’ll explore their ingredients, their numerous health benefits, and why they could be the best option for your pooch!

What are Natural Dog Treats?

Natural dog treats are made from high-quality, minimally processed ingredients.

They typically include ‘real’ meats as opposed to more processed and refined ‘meat meals’. Alongside things like chicken, beef, or lamb, they also often contain fruits and vegetables. Unlike non-natural, mass-produced alternatives, natural dog treats avoid artificial colours and flavours as well as fillers and preservatives.

Are Natural Treats Better for Dogs?

Natural dog treats have many benefits. From improved digestion to healthier teeth, there are many advantages that your pup will thank you for!

Natural dog treats are made to simple, transparent recipes, with no artificial or chemical additives. Natures Menu Real Meaty Dog Treats for example, contains 95% real, quality meat with absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Using wholesome ingredients that are closer to what your pup would consume in the wild, these healthy dog treats are a great way to nourish your furry friend.

Tip: Your dog’s daily treat intake should make up no more than around 10% of their overall daily calorie intake.

Better Nutritional Value

Natural dog treats are typically made from nutrient-rich ingredients, which contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

A balanced diet of nutritious elements like these can help protect your dog’s joints, maintain healthy skin and give them a shiny coat.

Natural dog treats also usually contain real meat, which is an excellent source of protein — a crucial component for maintaining your dog’s muscle strength, immune system, and overall health.

Tip: Like with any food or treat, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how and when to feed. Be sure to ask your vet for more advice if you are not sure if a treat is suitable for your pet.

Improved Digestion

Non-natural treats often contain artificial additives that can disrupt your pup’s digestion.
Eating only natural, easily digestible ingredients means that nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, so that your pooch benefits from the goodness inside.

Natural dog treats (such as NAW Chicken Feet) can be a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs in particular.


Many natural dog treats offer intriguing textures that will really pique your pup’s interest! From hairy lambs ears and crunchy chicken feet, to beef trachea and buffalo lung, the options from NAW are great examples of some truly stimulating snacks.

These interesting, varied treats will keep your dog entertained and their mind alert – and get their taste buds tingling!

Free From Hormones and Antibiotics

Meat used to mass-produce dog treats may come from lower quality sources and could contain harmful by-products of the farming process. Natural dog treats usually steer clear of this type of meat.

Many natural dog treats, such as Lily’s Kitchen Training Treats for Dogs, also use organic ingredients.
This means that by buying natural dog treats, you are not only steering clear of harmful chemicals, but also supporting more ethical and sustainable farming.

Dental Health Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

Some types of natural treats like dog chews may help to maintain your pooch’s oral health by reducing the buildup of plaque and tartar from the teeth. NAW Beef Tails Dog Treats are a great example of this.

Plus, dogs love to chew! A tasty, healthy, natural dog chew is a great way to curb destructive behaviour and keep your dog stimulated. Meanwhile it’ll keep their gnashers squeaky clean.

The best natural dog treats offer all sorts of health benefits for your furry friend. From a shinier coat to a happier stomach, your pup will feel all the better for you choosing these healthy options. So, the next time you’re training or looking to reward your loyal companion, consider reaching for a NAW pouch or a Lily’s Kitchen biscuit to reap the benefits of natural dog treats!

Head to our Natural Dog Food landing page for more information about natural diets.

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