New Puppy Checklist

Top tips for new puppy owners

The information in this article was reviewed and approved by registered veterinary nurse, Beth Walker

Animed Veterinary Nurse, Beth Walker

Getting a new puppy is very exciting, but it does not come without its challenges. No matter how prepared you may think you are, you are bound to face some difficulties, and there’s lots to remember! Take a look at our handy new puppy checklist to make sure you’re all set for your new arrival. As well as a list of essentials to buy, we’ve also included a checklist of all the things you need to do before your new puppy comes home. With our foolproof advice, you’re sure to be well-prepared when you welcome your furry new arrival home!

What Do I Need for a New Puppy?

Before you bring your new puppy home, there are a few essentials you’ll need to hand.
Here’s a handy checklist of everything you need to buy for a new puppy.

New Puppy Checklist:

What Do I Need to Do Before My New Puppy Comes Home?

As well as ticking everything off our new puppy checklist, you’ll also need to have made some preparations at home before your pup arrives.

Puppy-proof Your Home!

Make sure your home is dog-friendly by removing or concealing anything that could cause harm. This includes cleaning products, cables and other electricals. You may also want to add stair gates or baby gates to limit access to areas your puppy shouldn’t go in.

Set Up a Secure Base for Your New Puppy

Creating a safe space in a contained area complete with a comfortable bed and plenty of blankets is essential for keeping your new puppy warm, safe and comfortable. Some people use a crate to achieve this, but you could also use playpens or baby gates.

Allocate an Eating Area

Your new puppy’s eating and drinking areas should not be in the same place as their sleeping space.

Secure Your Garden

Outdoor play is very important for your new puppy’s development as well as for toilet training purposes. Make sure there are no escape routes such as a gap in a fence, and ensure your garden is free of any toxic plants.

Sign Up for Essential Services

  • Register your new puppy at a local vet, and consider other services they might need too. These might include:
  • Pet insurance
  • The Healthy Pet Club
  • Groomer
  • Puppy training classes
  • Dog sitter
  • Dog walker

Be sure to research and sign up to all those relevant to you and your new puppy.

Update Your Puppy’s Microchip Details

Find out if your puppy is microchipped. It’s a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of eight weeks to be microchipped, so if they are not already, get them booked in with the vet.

If they are already microchipped, make sure the details have been changed from the breeder’s details to your details on the microchip database. Keep these details up to date throughout your dog’s life.

Get Your Puppy’s Vaccinations Booked

Vaccinations are essential to protect your dog from a range of nasty diseases. Make sure you find out from the breeder whether they have already started their primary course, and get your puppy booked in with your vet for any vaccinations they still need.

Find out more about puppy vaccinations.

First 48 Hours with a New Puppy

So, you’ve ticked everything off your new puppy checklist, and you’ve got everything prepared for them to come home with you, but what next? You might be wondering what your first couple of days with your new puppy will look like, and how you should help them settle into their new home. Here’s our advice for what to do during the first 48 hours with a new puppy.

Only Show Them the Essentials

When you first bring home your new puppy, it’s important to make them feel safe and comfortable. Show them their bed and food/water bowls right away so they know where the important things are. Then introduce them to other key areas gradually – but don’t overwhelm them by taking them into lots of different rooms in the first couple of days. Stick to just one or two places so that they can get familiar with their surroundings.

Keep Introductions Minimal

It’s really important that everyone in your household stays calm when your new puppy first comes home. Too much excitement could overwhelm them, so it’s best to only introduce them to the members of the household in those first few days. Save visits from friends until your puppy is more familiar with their new home.

Bond with Your New Puppy

Having said this, spending lots of time together is key so that your new puppy knows they can feel safe around you. You’ll also need to keep an eye on them so you can offer them lots of toilet time. Just be sure not to exhaust your pup – playtime is great, but you’ll find they need to sleep a lot too!

Stick to the Rules

Introducing any ground rules you might have right away will set a precedent and ensure that your puppy will learn them quickly. For example, are there some rooms your pup can’t go in? Are they allowed on the sofa?

Consistency is key – make sure everyone in your home knows what the rules are and sticks to them. Otherwise it can be confusing for your new puppy.

Wrapping Up

Welcoming a new puppy into the family can be a huge change, but we think you’ll agree, it’s well worth all the time and effort. Once you’ve ticked everything off the new puppy checklist and got everything prepared at home, it’s time to start your life together! For more advice on other essential parts of looking after a puppy, from toilet training to helping them sleep through the night, read our informative blogs below: