Our guide to skin care during skin infection

skin infection

This blog tells you more about your pet’s skin and how you can help care for it during times of skin infection.

What is the skin?

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It regulates your pet’s temperature and provides a barrier against the environment.skin

It is made up of different layers, structures and microorganisms and it is important to keep all of these balanced to minimise the risk of skin disease developing.

A barrier against external irritants

 The skin barrier is essential in protecting the body from external irritants. It is therefore very important to support and protect the skin before, during and after problems occur. Topical treatments, like DouxoS3, will help support and maintain your pet’s skin barrier.

What is a skin infection?

 Skin infections occur when there are disruptions to the skin barrier, allowing bacteria or yeasts to multiply and irritate the skin.

If your pet experiences signs like:-

– itching/licking

– redness

– pimples

or odorous skin, it is important to see your vet to get a diagnosis and the correct treatment.

localised         hot spot      salivary

What can I do if my pet is diagnosed with a skin infection?

 Topical treatment can help support your pet’s skin during a skin infection, and in some instances, topical treatment is sufficient to control an infection.

If your pet suffers from sensitive and irritated skin and regularly gets skin infections as a consequence of this, topical treatments can help reduce flares and support your pet’s skin by keeping the skin barrier intact.

Your vet will be able to assist you with the best management option for your pet.

How can I help support my pet’s skin during an infection?

There are a range of topical options available on the market to manage skin infections, like shampoos, mousses or pads.

Pads are very good for smaller, localised areas, such as for hot spots.

For larger areas shampoos are used to get rid of crusts and debris from the skin. The initial bath can be followed on with mousse applications (no bath needed) or further baths.

However, not all animals like being bathed or it can be difficult for the owner to get their pet into the bathtub or shower.

At least one shampoo treatment at the beginning of the treatment process is ideal but if you are really struggling even with this, you can ask your vet or groomer to shampoo your dog for you.

For difficult to bath cases, mousses are a great option. Mousses can be used for larger or smaller areas and can be used with a shampoo or on its own.

Your vet will be able to discuss the best option that will suit you and your pet.

DOUXOS3 PYO – antibacterial and antifungal with skin barrier support

DOUXO®S3 Pyo cleanses and disinfects the skin thanks to the antiseptic action of 3% chlorhexidine digluconate, while hydrating and maintaining the skin’s ecosystem.

It has antibacterial and antifungal efficacy, supports the skin barrier and helps to detangle the fur leaving the coat soft and shiny.

  • Douxo® S3 has proven performance on all 3 skin barriers (mechanical, immune system and microbiological – bacteria on the skin). It also has been shown to be well tolerated on both normal and irritated skin.
  • It is soap, sulphate, paraben, colourant, phthalates and nanoparticle FREE
  • Has an adjusted pH to promote a rich and diverse microbiome (bacteria that live on the skin)
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance selected by pet owners: Coco+Vanilla – fragrance of summer – 97% of owners love the texture and smell!

With close collaboration with pet owners during the process to select the fragrance and ergonomics of the packaging, DouxoS3 is designed for maximum customer satisfaction.

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For details on general skin care with DOUXO®S3 Care – see our separate blog here for more information.


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