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Pet supplements can be given long-term to support a range of health conditions or as temporary assistance. They can help in a variety of ways, such as helping to offset the effects of some drugs, cut down on upset tummies or allergic responses, manage some seasonal itching or support the effects of ageing.

NOTE: We recommend that you always discuss the addition of supplements with your vet first, to ensure its ok for your pet.

Pet supplements can help with a range of common conditions and medical ailments including:-

Pet supplement presentations

Luckily (for cat owners especially), supplements are being made in a variety of methods/presentations. If one way doesn’t work, there’s a few presentations to try:

  • Capsules which can be broken up and sprinkled on food
  • Flavoured oils which are poured onto food
  • Tasty chewies which have the appearance of a treat
  • Tasty pastes (some are in syringes for easy squirting into pet’s mouths)
  • Flavour-coated tablets
  • Pellets that mix into their usual food
  • Powders / granules which can be given on food or treats

Joint and mobility supplements

These are one of the most popular range of supplements for older pets and pets struggling with weight.

Just like us, being of a larger size can seriously put stress on joints, so a mobility and joint supplement can really help. Again, ageing can bring Arthritis with joints less able to move freely. Joint supplements are packed with oils to help with joint lubrication and reduce friction.

Signs of mobility issues in dogs include:

  • Less eager to go out for walks
  • Lagging behind on walks
  • Reluctance to walk far
  • Generally less slower and mobile

Many supplements receive fantastic owner reviews stating their pet is back to its old self with a renewed spring in their step so they’re obviously having a positive effect.

It’s harder to gauge with cats as they’re usually asleep during daylight hours but try to observe them when they’re out, are they jumping around less, walking slower etc. It might be worth trying a supplement to see if there’s a noticeable improvement in their movement.

NOTE:- Keep an eye on your pet’s weight – helping your pet either lose weight or preventing it from becoming too heavy, will help enormously with joint issues (and their overall health in general).

Joint supplements can also be used preventatively in younger pets through helping to protect the joints as they age.

This is especially true for dogs that may have a predisposed condition because of their breed or size, such as hip and elbow problems.  Giving a supplement can help ensure the joint is protected against wear and tear potentially reduce the likelihood of painful conditions appearing at an early age.

Skin and coat supplements

Another popular range of supplements are for skin conditions and coat appearance, sometimes used seasonally, some longer term.

The correct diet has been proven to be a main factor for skin and coat condition, but there are a wide range of supplements available that can provide specific skin aliment support, or general, glossy coat/fur condition if you decide you don’t want to change your dog or cat’s food.

Kidney supplements

The kidneys play a vital role in filtering impurities and toxic waste products out of the blood into the urine so that your pet can get rid of them.

Failure of the kidneys leads to build up of toxic waste products and other compounds within the bloodstream which ultimately lead to a whole host of problems for your pet.

Kidney Disease is much more common in older cats. Unfortunately there’s no cure for the disease, but there are many things that can be done to help manage the condition. Changes to diet and supplements can really make a difference. If your cat is struggling to eat or feeling nauseous, Oralade RF Support Rehydration Fluid provides a balance of essential electrolytes, simple sugars and restricted levels of high-quality protein to keep your cat hydrated.

Digestive/stomach health supplements

As with skin and coat, digestive/stomach supplements offer long-term support for ongoing tummy troubles or for one off support for an upset tummy.

If your dog is suffering from a sensitive stomach, YuDIGEST PLUS Fast-acting Probiotics Supplement for Dogs provides a fast acting veterinary strength complex of gut-supporting natural ingredients, including a unique high strength BioActiv™ probiotic and prebiotic formula. Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast digestive support for dogs to bind bacteria and toxins, top-up good bacteria and help to maintain a natural balance.

Calming supplements

Don’t worry, these supplements won’t sedate your pet. Instead they’re designed to make pets feel comforted and calm by using pheromones or other natural calming ingredients. Both work differently, so if one type doesn’t work for your pet try the other.

It’s easy to identify that pets may need help to deal with stress on big events such as Fireworks Night and New Year’s Eve, but there are many other times when a calming supplement may help too:-

  • Visitors to your home
  • Holiday changes in routine or visits to catteries/kennels
  • New additions to the family (human or pets)
  • Car travel
  • Vet visits
  • New home/moving house
  • Parties or large gatherings at your home
  • Multi-cat households

Calming supplements (for cats and dogs) are generally given for a shorter time to help pets at specific times. Some may work almost immediately, others may need to be given a few days in advance. Take a look at individual product details and allow time for them to take effect.

Supplements for your pet

When it comes to your pet, as mentioned before, if you’re considering supplements for long-term health conditions, do talk to your vet first, then visit our dog supplement and cat supplement pages to see the range we have available for you.

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