Six top tips on how to help your pet cope with New Year celebrations


As end of year parties get in to full swing, remember it can be a stressful time for pets.

Strangers in the home, loud music and of course, the inevitable fireworks. Before any celebrations start, spend a few moments to help your pet cope.

How to help your pets cope with New Year celebrations

  1. Walk dogs earlierĀ to reduce the possibility of them being out when fireworks go off. Sometimes families with younger children set the fireworks off before midnight – just as it turns dark, so don’t assume the fireworks will only happen later. Keep dogs on the lead just in case they’re frightened.
  2. If possible, keep cats in the house for the evening, ensuring they have access to a litter tray.
  3. Make sure your pet has at least one safe, quiet space or den they can retire to – ideally, sited in their favorite room. Ensure they have free access, so they can come and go as they please. Add some treats and familiar toys and consider draping a blanket over, to muffle any noise/light disturbances.
  4. If you have more than one pet, ensure there’s enough safe spaces for everyone.
  5. Put on someĀ familiar background noise whether it’s the TV or radio, it helps to mask the noise of any fireworks.
  6. Use any calming products you may have left over from Fireworks night – they should help your pet cope that little bit better.

Everyone at Animed Direct wishes you a happy New Year and look forward to bringing you even more great products at great prices next year!