Skin care for pets with greasy and flaky skin


What is the skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It regulates your pet’s temperature and provides a barrier against the environment. It is made up of different layers, structures and microorganisms and it is important to keep all of these balanced to minimise the risk of skin disease developing. Topical treatments, like DouxoS3, can help support and maintain your pet’s skin barrier.

Why is my pet’s skin greasy and/or flaky?

Your pet’s skin, like ours, constantly renews its protective outer layer. Sometimes this process doesn’t work properly leaving your pet’s coat looking flaky (like dandruff) and sometimes feeling greasy. This can be caused by an inherited disorder, unsuitable nutrition, or by an underlying disease. It is therefore important to get your pet looked at by a vet. Your vet will give your pet a physical exam and they may want to do some tests to see if there is an underlying problem causing the flaky skin.

Can I do anything for my pet?

The most important thing is to identify if there is an illness causing your pet’s skin to be flaky and/or greasy and get this treated. When there is excessive flaking and oil production of the skin, bacteria can also start to multiply making your pet more prone to skin infections. By supporting the skin with topical products designed to reduce the flaking and greasiness it can help speed up the return of the skin to a more normal state.

greasy & flaky skin

Flaky skin and dry coat in 10 year old cat with diabetes Credit: Dr. Chiara Noli DVM Dip ECVD

greasy & flaky skin

Same cat 2 weeks after Douxo SEB spot on Credit: Dr. Chiara Noli DVM Dip ECVD











DOUXOS3 SEB – for oily and flaky skin with skin barrier support

DOUXO®S3 Seb is a unique combination of natural ingredients that supports normal production of skin cells and it has soothing and moisturising properties. Because of its unique formula, DOUXO®S3 Seb products can help manage all types of greasy or flaky skin.

  • Douxo® S3 has proven performance on all 3 skin barriers (mechanical, immune system and microbiological – bacteria on the skin). It also has been shown to be well tolerated on both normal and irritated skin.
  • Soap, sulphate, paraben, colourant, phthalates and nanoparticle FREE
  • An adjusted pH to promote a rich and diverse microbiome (bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live on the skin)
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance selected by pet owners: Coco+Vanilla – fragrance of summer – 97% of owners love the texture and smell!
  • Thanks also to the close collaboration with pet owners during the process to select the fragrance and ergonomics of the packaging, DouxoS3 is designed for maximum customer satisfaction


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