How do I stop my puppy chewing everything?


Bringing a puppy home is always an exciting time, getting to know their personalities and helping them settle into your family, there is so much to enjoy. However, anyone who has experienced a puppy will be fully aware why they are commonly referred to as land sharks!

How do you stop your puppy chewing everything

As pups learn the dos and don’ts they will often explore the world with their mouth, much like young children do. This can lead to ripped furniture, chewed up shoes or mashed up remotes.

How to stop a nibbly pup

There are a variety of enrichment toys that can help with mental stimulation. KONG puppy toys use a soft rubber suitable for puppies up to 9 months of age who have no adult teeth. They are made from special teething formula, which is softer for brittle puppy teeth.

Unsure what to put inside? Try starting with their normal food. Dry kibble is a great place to start! While it can be tempting to jump straight to exciting and challenging fillings for that extra 5 minutes peace and quiet, it’s important that we build confidence in our younger puppies and stick to easy activities that help them learn the goal and reward at a higher rate to start with. The speed at which a puppy will learn and become confident will vary but it is important to take it at their pace.

Once a puppy can quickly empty a KONG full of dry kibble, it’s time to slowly up the effort level. Try wetting the kibble slightly and then freezing. Or stuff with some wet food. You can even mix and match with different food types. KONG have their very own special KONG Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat Paste for a tasty treat filling but you may be able to make use of other ingredients around the house, such as a dog friendly peanut butter or baby foods that only contain pet friendly fruits or veggies! Using higher value rewards like the tasty Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Nibbles Chicken & Salmon can help keep your puppy motivated to the last bite!

The possibilities are endless with KONG toys but it is important to be mindful that puppy tummies can be a bit more sensitive to changes in diets. If trying new ingredients like vegetables or treats add them slowly and only try one new thing at a time so you can monitor for any reactions.

Using a primary filling of your pets every day food can also help to prevent over eating and excess weight gain.

If your puppy loves their KONG toy, why not try the KONG puppy activity ball or KONG puppy goodie bone?

While KONG toys are a great way to encourage your puppy to learn independence, trouble solving and the ability to settle, there may be some times where you’re looking to bond with your puppy and work on some foundation life skills. Grab a pack of tasty treats like Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Nibbles Chicken & Salmon and start a training session. Sit, lie down and rollover are always family favourites and lots of puppies will pick these up quickly.
When working with young puppies it is always important to keep training sessions short and fun, this helps them maintain a positive association with learning and will actually help them learn skills quicker.

What if my puppy is still gravitating towards my favourite pair of shoes or running off with my socks in the garden?

Being able to offer them a suitable alternative to swap to is a great way to redirect that natural desire to chomp and chew. Nylabone DuraChew Puppy Bones are the perfect chew for teething pups. Specially formulated for growing teeth and jaws, durable nylabones help to discourage destructive chewing and encourage healthy chewing. It’s a good idea to stock up and have several dotted around the house so that you always have one to offer your pup in exchange for whatever they’ve wrapped their mouths around.

Is it ok to take my puppy for a walk to distract them from chewing?

Depending on the vaccinations used by your veterinary practice, it is often recommended that puppies do not go for walks until two weeks after their second vaccination. This is usually around 14-16 weeks of age.

It is safe to allow your puppy to socialise with other fully vaccinated dogs, either within your household or belonging to friends and family. This can be in the home or in a garden where you can be confident, no unvaccinated dogs have visited.

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