Help them adjust to being home alone

One of the most common behavioural issues owners report is that their dog becomes destructive or disruptive when left home alone. This can be frustrating and it’s easy to believe your pups being naughty, but these behaviours are actually signs of distress and separation anxiety. According to the PSDA Paws Report 2021 18% of dogs Read More

How to recognise anxiety in your dog

Our four-legged friends have a knack of knowing just when we need them, but we don’t always know when they need us. Unfortunately, anxiety in our pets may be as common as in humans and since dogs communicate primarily through body language it can be hard for us to recognise when they’re stressed. Many unwanted Read More

How you can support your dog’s mental well-being

We often turn to our dogs for support when we’re feeling anxious or worried. In a recent study 89% of owners said that owning their pet dog makes them mentally healthier*. But did you know dogs can feel stress and worry just like us? Changes in their routine or new additions to the household can Read More

The impact of COVID-19 on our pets

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve spent more time at home than ever and many of us have turned to our pets for comfort, entertainment and companionship but – what has the impact of COVID-19 on our pets been like? Lockdown has brought us closer to our pets, but they have no idea why we’re Read More

Calming solutions for your puppy

For your puppy, starting life in a new home is a challenging time. In just a few days so many big events will happen to them. We look at what may cause them to feel stressed and how you can help support them. Challenges they will face:- 1)    Separation Firstly, they will be separated from Read More

Thundershirt and ADAPTIL

ADAPTIL and Thundershirt offers your dog 2 types of support. They work in different ways and compliment each other.  How does ADAPTIL Work? ? ADAPTIL is scientifically proven to help dogs reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reducing panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours, often seen with dogs that are worried.  ADAPTIL has over 25 Read More

Is My Dog Anxious?

Do you always know how your dog is feeling? While a wagging tail, upright ears and playful body language are clear indicators of a happy pooch, it can be tricky to identify other, more subtle doggy feelings. With a little practice, you can learn how to recognise your pooch’s body language, mood and emotions. This Read More

How to prepare your dog for when the Coronavirus lockdown ends

When the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions lift and we slowly return to a ‘new normal’ our dogs will have to get used to us being away for longer periods of time again. For some dogs, the transition will be easy, but others, especially those who have suffered with anxiety in the past will find it difficult Read More

Cats Can Get Stressed Too! Helping Your Cat to Relax

Did you know that cats can suffer from stress too? Here’s how to tell if your cat is affected by stress and anxiety, and how you can help your pet to relax. Why Cats Get Stressed Chronic stress can be more problematic for cats whose mothers were distressed during pregnancy. This can make some cats Read More