Top Tips for Your Pet on Firework Night

Animals tend to have much better hearing than humans, which means that things often sound much louder to them. The loud bangs and whistles that they are exposed to when fireworks are let off can cause them a lot of distress, and can be very frightening and even painful. The run-up to Bonfire Night therefore Read More

Cats Can Get Stressed Too! Helping Your Cat to Relax

Did you know that cats can suffer from stress too? Here’s how to tell if your cat is affected by stress and anxiety, and how you can help your pet to relax. Why Cats Get Stressed Chronic stress can be more problematic for cats whose mothers were distressed during pregnancy. This can make some cats Read More

Is Your Dog a Worrier?

Dogs can feel stressed too, just like humans. This can happen for a number of reasons and can cause your dog to stray from their usual behaviour. Why Dogs Get Stressed Dogs can become anxious for a number of reasons, including: Separation Anxiety: Dogs are generally social creatures and can feel anxious if they are Read More