Symptoms of Arthritis in Your Cat or Dog

Arthritis is a degenerative condition which affects the joints. For both dogs and cats, it can be a relatively common complaint, and contrary to popular opinion, it is not just something that can affect pets as they get older. Here’s what you need to know about arthritis. What Causes Arthritis? Arthritis can develop as a Read More

Arthritis in Dogs and How You Can Help

Arthritis or more accurately Osteoarthritis (OA) usually presents in dogs at a later age. Dogs that are especially prone to developing OA such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers can manifest signs as young as 4-6 years old but in most breeds, it presents after the age of 8, depending on the cause of the OA. Read More

What Are The Signs of Arthritis in Dogs?

If you are concerned your dog may be suffering with arthritis we have created this simple guide to help you identify the common signs of arthritis in dogs and some possible treatments. This article is provided as a guide only. In all cases you should discuss your dogs medical situation with your vet before administering any Read More