Know Your Cat Breeds: British Shorthair

In the latest instalment of our Know Your Cat Breeds series, we’re turning our attention to British Shorthairs. This breed is rumoured to have originated from domestic cats in Rome (which were brought to Britain during the Roman invasion) and was noted for its physicality and hunting skills. These days, the British Shorthair is a Read More

Know Your Cat Breeds: Burmese

In the next instalment of our “Know Your Cat Breeds” series, we’re turning our attention to Burmese cats. This breed originated from Burma (as you may expect from the name) but also from Thailand and Malaysia. How much do you know about these cats? Here’s the lowdown on this cat breed and what you can Read More

Know Your Cat Breeds: Abyssinian

In our new blog series, we’re taking an in-depth look at various cat breeds so that you will know exactly what to expect if you are thinking about adopting one of these pets. First up is the Abyssinian breed. Don’t know much about this type of cat? Here’s the lowdown. Appearance Their prominent ears and Read More