Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes

  How often you will need to clean your pet’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas this will only happen to other breeds if they become ill or contract an eye infection. Should I clean my dog’s eyes? As mentioned, many dog Read More

How much does it cost to keep a Pet?

Owning a pet can be massively rewarding but unfortunately, it doesn’t come free. Research from PDSA has indicated you should expect your dog to cost you at least £4,500 to £13,000 over their whole lifetime, so it’s no wonder that they feel like such a big part of the family! There are quite a few costs involved Read More

What Diseases Can I Catch From My Cat?

Some diseases can be transmitted from cats to humans. Here are some of the diseases that you could potentially catch from your cat. Ringworm Ringworm is a highly contagious condition that can be picked up from your pets. The spores can survive without a host. In pets, you might notice skin lesions and patchy hair Read More

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Many cats suffer from separation anxiety at some point in their lives, especially indoor cats with a strong bond to their owners. It’s thought that some cats are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety, especially those that are prone to anxiety genetically. For example, Siamese and Burmese breeds are believed to have a greater Read More

Cats and Your Pregnancy, There’s Nothing To Fear

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to fear your cat while you’re pregnant. Many expectant cat owners mistakenly believe that they cannot keep their cat once the pregnancy is confirmed. This is definitely not true but you will need to take certain precautions for the safety of your unborn baby. Here’s how your cat Read More