Kitten to Adult Transition Guide

How do you manage the kitten to adult transition? During their early months, your kitten will grow and change very quickly – but how do you know when they’ve become an adult, and what can you do to help support their growth? What do kittens need from a diet?  As kittens are growing rapidly and Read More

National Hairball Awareness Day: 10 Facts about hairballs

National Hairball Awareness Day is happening on Friday 26th April. It may not be a day to celebrate, but it’s an important reminder for all cat owners to learn a bit more about hairballs. So, to help shed some light on the messy piles of hair, we’ve put together 10 facts about hairballs. Scientific name. Read More

How to choose a cattery or boarding kennel

One of the most important factors which determines whether us pet owners have a stress-free break, is the knowledge that our cats or dogs which we’ve had to leave behind are happy and healthy in a well-run cattery or boarding kennel. Leaving a pet behind is never an easy task, but they can’t always travel with you. Read More

7 top tips on how to clean your cat’s teeth

Does the thought of placing your hands near your cat’s mouth in an attempt to brush their teeth, conjure up images of.. a) skin-torn or bitten flesh (yours!) b) a traumatised cat c) a frosty air of unease and distrust between the two of you in future d) all of the above? As a cat Read More

Joint care for cats

Joint care for cats is so important to manage especially as they get older..  Whether these problems develop into arthritis, or remains less serious, you may notice that your cat finds daily tasks more difficult. This is because as the cartilage breaks down, your cat’s joints will become stiff and painful. However, unlike dogs, cats Read More

How to keep indoor cats happy and healthy

For a variety of reasons, many people wish to keep their cat as an indoor pet. As with humans, sometimes life indoors can become boring for cats (and stressful) if there’s not enough to interest them or keep them entertained. Indoor cats could be prone to anxiety and weight gain, especially if they have previously Read More