Help them adjust to being home alone

One of the most common behavioural issues owners report is that their dog becomes destructive or disruptive when left home alone. This can be frustrating and it’s easy to believe your pups being naughty, but these behaviours are actually signs of distress and separation anxiety. According to the PSDA Paws Report 2021 18% of dogs Read More

How to recognise anxiety in your dog

Our four-legged friends have a knack of knowing just when we need them, but we don’t always know when they need us. Unfortunately, anxiety in our pets may be as common as in humans and since dogs communicate primarily through body language it can be hard for us to recognise when they’re stressed. Many unwanted Read More

Puppy to Adult: A Transition Guide

Your puppy has its own unique personality and appearance; but it also has unique nutritional needs. As puppies mature, and become adult dogs, their nutritional needs will change and it’s important to feed them a diet that meets their new requirements.  But what exactly do they need, and when are they officially an adult dog? Read More

Camping checklist for dogs

  Summer is here and camping holidays are set to be big this year, especially for dog owners.  Many campsites across the UK are dog-friendly, which, for some families makes camping their first choice, as no one gets left behind. Whether your dog is a seasoned camper, or you are planning your first adventure with Read More

Calming solutions for your puppy

For your puppy, starting life in a new home is a challenging time. In just a few days so many big events will happen to them. We look at what may cause them to feel stressed and how you can help support them. Challenges they will face:- 1)    Separation Firstly, they will be separated from Read More

Is My Dog Anxious?

Do you always know how your dog is feeling? While a wagging tail, upright ears and playful body language are clear indicators of a happy pooch, it can be tricky to identify other, more subtle doggy feelings. With a little practice, you can learn how to recognise your pooch’s body language, mood and emotions. This Read More

Breed Spotlight: Meet the English Cocker Spaniel

Our Breed Spotlight continues with the English Cocker Spaniel. Often referred to as just ‘Cocker’ which comes from their use to hunt Woodcock, this energetic and friendly breed is one of the smallest members of the Gundog group. The Cocker Spaniel can be found throughout history, dating back to the time of Chaucer in the Read More

How to prepare your dog for when the Coronavirus lockdown ends

When the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions lift and we slowly return to a ‘new normal’ our dogs will have to get used to us being away for longer periods of time again. For some dogs, the transition will be easy, but others, especially those who have suffered with anxiety in the past will find it difficult Read More

A Guide To Your First Puppy

As a first-time puppy owner, you might be unsure on what to expect. Here are some of the essentials that you’ll need to know in preparation for bringing your new pet home. Everyday Essentials Ceramic or stainless steel feeding bowls are usually recommended – not least because plastic can be chewed! Experts often advise that Read More

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe This Christmas

Christmas can be a dangerous time for your dog, especially if you are not aware of the potential risks that could harm your dog or even prove fatal. Here are some top tips for making sure that the festive season is a safe one for your dog. Christmas Tree Considerations When you are deciding where Read More