How to Look After Small Dog Breeds

For many dog lovers, a small breed is the perfect choice when it comes to getting a dog that fits in with their lifestyle and circumstances. With more and more people, particularly younger generations, living in smaller homes like flats and apartments, small dog breeds are the obvious choice. To mention a few, chihuahuas, pomeranians, Read More

Why Is My Senior Dog Restless at Night?

It’s a quiet night, but you are wide awake, listening to your senior dog pacing and panting. This isn’t just a one-off; it’s become a regular night-time ritual. If this is a familiar picture, you may be wondering what is going on to cause your dog’s shift in night-time behaviour. As dogs age, just like Read More

Choosing the Best Dog Bed for Arthritis

Arthritis in dogs is characterised by inflamed and stiff joints, and can be very painful. It’s estimated that 4 in 5 senior dogs are affected by it, with some breeds like labradors more prone to the disease than others. If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis, making sure they can rest comfortably is very important. Read More

Why Do Dogs Dig in Bed?

Most pet owners will have noticed their dog digging in their bed at some point. This instinctive behaviour is very common among dogs, usually before they lay down for a nice nap. But have you ever wondered why they do it? There are a number of reasons why dogs dig in their beds (or yours!) Read More

How to Wash a Dog Bed

A comfy dog is a happy dog, so making sure your pooch has a cosy bed is essential. But with all the outdoor fun to be had, even the cleanest of dogs will need their bedding cleaned regularly. Dogs beds that are left unclean can become host to bacteria and fleas – and start to Read More

What Type of Bed is Best for a Dog?

All dogs are unique. This means they will have different preferences when it comes to what they settle down on for a rest. Some dogs may also have additional needs, for example if they suffer from arthritis or anxiety. Therefore it’s important to carefully consider the type of dog bed you get to ensure optimal Read More

Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

As pet owners, we’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling of love when watching our little fur-babies snoozing away. There’s just something about watching our adorable pups dreaming and twitching in their sleep that makes our hearts burst! But what do our dogs’ sleeping positions tell us about them? Whether your dog sleeps in a tucked-up Read More

Are Dog Beds Important?

As cute as they are, our canine companions are descended from their wild ancestors. These animals didn’t have comfortable dog beds to snooze in. So many pet owners understandably wonder whether dogs need beds at all. Are dog beds important? Do dogs need beds to sleep? Or are they just as comfortable on the floor? Read More