How you can support your dog’s mental well-being

We often turn to our dogs for support when we’re feeling anxious or worried. In a recent study 89% of owners said that owning their pet dog makes them mentally healthier*. But did you know dogs can feel stress and worry just like us? Changes in their routine or new additions to the household can Read More

The impact of COVID-19 on our pets

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve spent more time at home than ever and many of us have turned to our pets for comfort, entertainment and companionship. Lockdown has brought us closer to our pets, but they have no idea why we’re spending so much time with them. The change in their routines and the Read More

Thundershirt and ADAPTIL

ADAPTIL and Thundershirt offers your dog 2 types of support. They work in different ways and compliment each other.  How does ADAPTIL Work? ? ADAPTIL is scientifically proven to help dogs reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reducing panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours, often seen with dogs that are worried.  ADAPTIL has over 25 Read More

Is My Dog Anxious?

Do you always know how your dog is feeling? While a wagging tail, upright ears and playful body language are clear indicators of a happy pooch, it can be tricky to identify other, more subtle doggy feelings. With a little practice, you can learn how to recognise your pooch’s body language, mood and emotions. This Read More

Fun Indoor Games for Dogs

If you are self-isolating or social distancing because of Covid-19 you may have had to cut back on your dog’s daily walks. But there are plenty of fun indoor games to make sure that exercise is still on the agenda. Hide and Seek Even your dog can join in this game! While your dog is Read More

Flatulence in Dogs: What Counts as Normal?

Is your dog passing more wind than usual? A little bit of flatulence can be perfectly healthy but if it has become excessive and persistent, it could potentially be a sign of a digestive imbalance or ill health.  Why It Happens Some flatulence is perfectly normal but excessive wind can occur if gas builds up Read More

Understanding Your Dog’s Barks

Ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you through their barks? Dogs can start barking for a number of reasons, including alarm, fear, boredom, loneliness, wanting attention, separation anxiety and general greetings to people and other animals. This can make it very challenging to pinpoint exactly what is behind your dog’s communications. Pitch Read More

Dogs and Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant does not automatically mean that you will need to re-home your dog. Contrary to popular opinion, dogs and babies can get along, although this will not always be the case. How Will My Dog React? Dogs are thought to be able to sense pregnancy so you can usually expect Read More

Coping With Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing

Dogs are often fond of chewing and in appropriate cases, it does serve a purpose. For puppies, chewing can relieve the discomfort associated with teething and for adult dogs, it can keep teeth clean. However, it can also be both inappropriate and unwelcome. This is often centred on furniture and other parts of your home. Read More

Bonding With Your Dog Using Play

Dogs need daily exercise to be healthy and maintain a good sense of wellbeing but that’s not the only benefit of regular playtime with your pet. It is also an ideal opportunity to do a little extra bonding with your dog. Recommended Games Games that appeal to your dog’s sense of smell can work well, Read More