How to prepare your dog for when the Coronavirus lockdown ends

When the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions lift and we slowly return to a ‘new normal’ our dogs will have to get used to us being away for longer periods of time again. For some dogs, the transition will be easy, but others, especially those who have suffered with anxiety in the past will find it difficult Read More

How much does it cost to keep a Pet?

Owning a pet can be massively rewarding but unfortunately, it doesn’t come free. Research from PDSA has indicated you should expect your dog to cost you at least £4,500 to £13,000 over their whole lifetime, so it’s no wonder that they feel like such a big part of the family! There are quite a few costs involved Read More

Car Safety for Dogs

There are no legal requirements for making sure that your dog is suitably restrained during car journeys but it is strongly recommended that you do so. If your dog has access to move around while the car is moving, they could distract you or inadvertently cause an accident. There is also a big possibility that Read More

What You Need To Know About Microchipping Your Dog

All dogs in Wales must be microchipped by 1st March 2015, while all dogs in England must be microchipped by 2016. If your dog has not already been microchipped, you’ll need to arrange for this to be done before it becomes compulsory. Dogs are not the only pets that can be microchipped – cats, rabbits Read More