Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes

  How often you will need to clean your pet’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas this will only happen to other breeds if they become ill or contract an eye infection. Should I clean my dog’s eyes? As mentioned, many dog Read More

Thundershirt and ADAPTIL

ADAPTIL and Thundershirt offers your dog 2 types of support. They work in different ways and compliment each other.  How does ADAPTIL Work? ? ADAPTIL is scientifically proven to help dogs reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reducing panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours, often seen with dogs that are worried.  ADAPTIL has over 25 Read More

How do you look after your dog’s teeth?

Just like us, dogs can get rotten teeth and gum problems if they are not regularly cleaned. But unfortunately pet dental hygiene is often overlooked. So how do you look after your dog’s teeth? We asked one of our leading partners, Virbac and their vet Dr Gemma Rutherford BVetMed MRCVS your frequently asked dental care questions. 1. Read More

Winter Walks: Protecting Your Dog in Cold Weather

Your dog will still need their daily walk, even when the weather is poor. However, winter weather can be hazardous for your dog’s safety and health. Here’s how you can protect your dog in cold weather while still enjoying good exercise. The dangers of cold weather for your dog Frostbite is a possibility when the Read More

Wonderful Places to Go Walking With Your Dog

Fancy walking your dog somewhere other than the local park for a change? There are lots of beautiful places to walk your dog in the UK, some of which you may not be aware of. Whether you are a seasoned local or just looking for some scenic good walking spots on your next UK break, Read More

Car Safety for Dogs

There are no legal requirements for making sure that your dog is suitably restrained during car journeys but it is strongly recommended that you do so. If your dog has access to move around while the car is moving, they could distract you or inadvertently cause an accident. There is also a big possibility that Read More

Health and Lifestyle Mobile Apps for Dog Owners

Need some help with organising your dog’s health and wellbeing? Whether you want to improve your first aid skills or understand more about your dog’s health, there are a wide range of apps on the market. We’ve rounded up some useful lifestyle-relayed apps to make this easier. 1. MapMyDogwalk Any of you that regularly go Read More

Does My Dog Need a Toothbrush?

Do you brush your dog’s teeth regularly? If not, this should to become part of your routine going forwards. You brush your own teeth every day and this attention to good dental health should be extended to your pet too. Tooth brushing removes plaque, which will otherwise turn into hard brown tartar. This is just Read More

Don’t Give Your Pets Chocolate for Valentines

If you are going to be indulging in chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day this year, don’t extend this to your pets. Chocolate is one of the foods that should never be given to pets due to the health problems that it can cause. Here’s why you should avoid chocolate treats, plus some ideas for alternative Read More

Flatulence in Dogs: What Counts as Normal?

Is your dog passing more wind than usual? A little bit of flatulence can be perfectly healthy but if it has become excessive and persistent, it could potentially be a sign of a digestive imbalance or ill health.  Why It Happens Some flatulence is perfectly normal but excessive wind can occur if gas builds up Read More