How do I stop my puppy chewing everything?

Bringing a puppy home is always an exciting time, getting to know their personalities and helping them settle into your family, there is so much to enjoy. However, anyone who has experienced a puppy will be fully aware why they are commonly referred to as land sharks! How do you stop your puppy chewing everything Read More

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Order from the CLIX training range and receive a FREE CLIX multi-purpose whistle and training guide. Training is a very important part of owning any pet, especially a dog, and it begins from the moment you bring your new dog home, however its never too late to start training your dog. Over 20 years of Read More

Training Your Dog to Become a Show Winner

Have you been inspired to introduce your dog to the show circuit after watching Crufts? Training will be key to your potential success. Here’s what you need to know about training your pet to become a show dog. Agility Training Jumping comes very naturally to dogs and many will find agility events to be a Read More