The Top Dog in Heelwork to Music: Interview with Lorna Syrett

Heelwork to music is a dog sport that involves performing a pre-choreographed routine with your dog to a piece of music. If you and your dog have a close bond and love nothing more than spending time together, Heelwork to Music might just be the perfect activity for you to get involved in. That’s exactly Read More

Top 9 Dog Sports to Try with Your Pet

Getting involved in dog sports, shows and events have so many benefits for both you and your pup, and there are so many different ones to try! Whether your dog is old, young, a working breed or a lap dog, there’s a dog sport for everyone, no matter the level or ability of you or Read More

How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding: Part Two

Being able to include your pet in your wedding is the cherry on top for any adoring owner. When bringing together all those closest to your heart to celebrate love, it only makes sense to have your canine companion there with you too. Newly-wed Jess Snow tells us how she made sure her dog, Roxie, Read More