What To Expect When Your Cat is Having Kittens

Discovering that your cat will be having kittens can be a daunting time – for both yourself and your pet. If you know what to expect while your cat is pregnant, you can help her to have a more straight-forward experience. Here is our guide to your cat’s pregnancy. Feline Pregnancies Your cat’s pregnancy will Read More

Introducing a New Cat to the Home

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be a really exciting time but it can be a scary and traumatic time for your new pet.  The new change in environment and routine can be extremely disorientating and unnerving, especially if he or she has come from a place in which they felt comfortable and Read More

Potty Training Tips for Dogs and Cats

Is your new pet prone to relieving itself in random puddles? We’ve all been there! It can seem as though your pet will never break the habit of going to the toilet wherever they feel like but we’ve got some good news for you! It won’t necessarily happen overnight but regular training will go a Read More

Kitten Guide

This article covers: Health Microchips Diet New Home Read our Kitten Guide to help explain some of the major issues facing you, as a new cat owner, and your kitten.Taking on and caring for a kitten is exciting, but it is also a big commitment that can be daunting because there are a number of Read More