What type of rabbit should you choose and which breed?

Are you looking for a pet rabbit but not sure where best to start? Not all rabbits are the same so it can be quite challenging to choose the “right” one. Certain types of rabbit won’t suit a household with young children due to their character, while others are likely to suffer from health complaints, Read More

Keeping Outdoor Rabbits Safe in Cold Weather

  Keeping outdoor rabbits safe in cold weather should still be top of mind with icy blasts possible over the coming weeks.  Rabbits could be adversely affected if they primarily lives outdoors and you haven’t taken steps to protect them from the harsh effects. Here are some tips for keeping outdoor rabbits happy and safe during the colder months. Read More

Guinea Pigs Versus Rabbits: Who is King of the Garden?

Are you trying to decide between having a guinea pig or a rabbit for your next pet? Both are often put forward as ideal “starter pets” for children, but this can be misleading. Here is an overview of what you can expect from both pets. Personalities Most guinea pigs have gentle personalities and are not Read More

Things That Are Harmful for Your Rabbit

Rabbits can be adversely affected by a number of foods, plants and products. The effects can range from harmful to poisonous so it is vital to know what kind of things could prove fatal for your bunny.  Foods Rabbits may well be vegetarians but don’t assume that this means that any vegetable or plant can Read More